Welcome to EE599 Distributed Storage Theory 
Instructor: Alex Dimakis
Meets: MW 3.30pm, GFS 107. 

Course Syllabus

Problem set 1 (Uploaded Sept 12): Homework 1 

Bibliography and ideas for projects

Regenerating Codes

by Salim El Rouayheb et al. 

by Nihar B. Shah, K. V. Rashmi, P. Vijay Kumar and Kannan Ramchandran.

by A.G. Dimakis, K. Ramchandran, Y. Wu and C. Suh.  

A. G. Dimakis, P. B. Godfrey, Y. Wu, M. Wainwright and K. Ramchandran.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 56, Issue 9, Sept. 2010.

For on-going work see also the active bibliography: Erasure Coding for Distributed Storage wiki 

Distributed storage allocations 

by Leong et al. 

Distributed storage of social networks 

by Pujol et al. 

Locality and placement of Mapreduce jobs

Erasure coding in Hadoop 

Triple Raid Parity and Beyond 
by Leventhal et al. 

Distributed computation

by Bertsekas et al.

Coding and data center communication 

by Balakrishnan et al.