Kuyere! means "Let there be light!" in Chichewa, the language of Malawi

Our project is dedicated to the idea of affordably and sustain-ably providing solar electricity to the poorest rural households in Africa over the next 10 to 20 years.

We calculate that if we can get solar to enough people fast enough, then we could potentially save more than 1 million lives: read about the details HERE

We have a plan and a strategy that we have pilot tested that is working well on the ground in Malawi, and which we hope to grow exponentially over the next few years and take to neighboring countries in Southern and Eastern Africa. 

With our plan and strategy we are going to try as hard as we can to get good, durable, sustainable solar electricity services to tens of millions of households in rural Africa by the year 2030.

On this site, we share our learning and progress and invite you to help and participate in this very worthwhile endeavor.