Join the Red Hen Lab

Professor Mark Turner will run an informal orientation to the Red Hen Lab 
  • Monday, 25 August 2014, 11am-12:30pm Eastern Time (GMT-5), 618 Crawford Hall, Case Western Reserve University.  A map is available at
Students can work in the Red Hen Lab as assistant researchers, interns, independent students, and, at CWRU, SAGES capstone students. Students research a particular topic in communication or digital media of their own choosing, or assist a researcher in the Lab with one of his or her projects, or assist with the development of our various computational and statistical research tools, or manually tag items, or write help screens, or . . . use your imagination. During 2014-2015, Red Hen and especially her CWRU group will also be working with the Metropolitan campus of the Cuyahoga Community College on research projects exploring how to improve instruction and learning via cognitive science and the deployment of digital media. This collaboration presents additional opportunities for research and service.

Red Hen conducts research on language, gesture, meaning, graphics, and all other aspects of multimodal communication, using a vast archive of 200,000+ hours of recorded communication, including network news in a variety of languages.  Red Hen ingests another 150 hours of broadcasts daily. These data are also sometimes used as stimuli in cognitive science experiments, including brain imagining experiments.

Red Hen has made great progress recently in various research tools, some of which are presented here.
Undergraduate and graduate students at CWRU interested in working in the Red Hen Lab often enroll or participate in COGS 206-406 (Fall 2014), COGS 307-407 (Spring 2015), or COGS 310-410 (Spring 2015).  Note that 307 & 310 can count at CWRU as SAGES departmental seminars. Sages capstones often develop out of student work in these three courses.