Distortion App

Note that you need a Java-enabled browser to run the Java applet on the left on this page. This Java applet gives a similar effect to what is used in the Distortion app in Android.
Move your mouse on the face on the left to see a distortion effect.

Mouse Move:_______moves the distortion
Double Click:_______switches effects
Drag Left/Right:_____adjusts 1st parameter
Mouse Wheel:______adjusts 2nd parameter

Use the Distortion app on Android to distort your photos.  The app can do automatic distortions or you can do your own. It is easy to make funny caricatures or weird abstract distortions.
You can download the Distortion app from the Android Market on Android-powered mobile phones for a small price, or you can download the free version called "fun Distortion" also from the android market. 

We also have several other apps in Google Play and Samsung apps, please contact us for more info:
(+44) 780 646 1048
Distortion App programmed by Xavier Seb 2011.