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Zvex Fuzz Factory

This is less a mod report for existing pedals and more a guide to adding even more controls to a DIY Fuzz Factory.

The basic schematic can be found at

In addition to the normal controls I added a BMP tone control with a mid switch, a pregain pot, and a filter switch

The tone control and mid switch are set up like this after the output cap:
The switch is a SPDT centre off. The left position is flat, middle is mid boost and right is mid scoop. This tone circuit is designed to have a flat response available as well as low attenuation compared to other BMP tone controls.

The pregain control is a 500kA pot set up in series with the input. It's a nice way of turning down the fuzz or tuning pitch shifting efffects.

The filter switch adds in a 10uF cap in parallel with the 0.1uF coupling cap (+ side connected to Q2's gate). When switched on, the fuzz has a fatter, gainier, gated-ier sound.

So, if any of you sickos are craving a fuzz with 9 controls, this could be the one.