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I wanted to print a list of links but my printer is acting up. I nearly forgot I have this page with web links to my photo locations. Also, on this page, I already have some of my better astronomy pictures. Just scroll down. Click for larger version.

Viewing on a full screen computer/laptop is far better than a mobile.

I look forward to your comments/questions on astrophotography. My email is below.

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P.S. How did the moon pictures come out?

I have most of the pics below in full size, freely available for download on my Flickr astro folder  HERE

Link to my original Astrokits sidereal Equatorial camera drive platform main page  HERE

My Flickr main page of family, friends and other topics HERE

I keep  a Youtube  page with mostly family/friends/pets but there are astro related vids as well HERE

Note:  Some images can be seen in full size. Click once for the easiest to see version, then click again for the full size.

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A 1986 Christmas card made by Carlos A. Rodgers Jr, a canal engineer in Panama. He was an Astrokits customer and was kind enough to send me two of these limited edition (1000) cards. Panama made two postage stamps based on this photo. One was affixed inside the card with a nice inscription by Carlos. Thanks to Carlos for the photo.

The Flickr link above has full details of the pictures below.

Comet Hale-Bopp 8 minutes with a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 mirror lens on a Canon A1 film SLR mounted on an Astrokit Quartz drive. I took this one in the Catskills.

Comet Hale-Bopp over Kerhonkson NY after sunset. Like the other astro pics on this page this is a scan of a print...which looks 10x better.

Comet Hyakutake with a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 mirror lens on a Canon A1 film SLR mounted on a Astrokits quartz drive.
Click on the image for a full size version. Note there is practically no tracking error. I have to check, I believe this was an 8 minute exposure.

Comet Hyakutake passing the familiar Big Dipper (Ursa Major) in 1996. This image was taken at a dark site off Mill Brook Road about 5 miles due south of Margaretville NY. The tail was much longer than any photo can portray. It gave the illusion of curving across the dome of the sky.


Comet Hale-Bopp 50mm f/1.4 lens stopped to f/2.0  5 minute exposure. Canon A-1 SLR camera mounted on an Astrokits quartz drive.                                                                                                                                                 Info on Astrokits:                                                          http://sites.google.com/site/distar97

North America Nebula (at top) and surrounding area (Cygnus). Guided with Astrokits Quartz/Stepper platform. This photo is stunning when printed 16 x 20. It's like the stars are infinitely deep. Not bad for a ordinary camera and lens.

Sagittarius region, guided with Quartz/Stepper Astrokits platform for 13 minutes 50mm f/1.4 lens set to f/2.8

Below is my Criterion Custom Deluxe when I purchased it in 2001. It looks the same today.

My first scope, in 1965,  an Edmund Scientific 4-1/4 inch built following plans and parts listed by Sam Brown - All About Telescopes.  I still have this scope. The tube is not as pretty, I lost the black sunscreen and the finder but I have the original eyepieces. The scope works perfectly, even the electric clock drive. At the time I was hoping to upgrade to the Criterion Dynascope 8 inch Custom Deluxe, but that took another 35 years. This was back when my family lived on Anderson Ave, in the Highbridge  neighborhood of the Bronx, a few blocks from Yankee stadium.