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University View is a student community providing off campus housing in Waterloo and an affordable environment for today's students.

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Open University !!!!! what is this dont worry open university is a place where you can study as your you can get addmission at every stage of your life.This kind of university make you feel that you can still study and do some thing here is some open university which is placed at india and other place in world which is catagorize below

Open University In India

In India there is lots of open university but the dominated open university is few.In india the education leval is incresing and the hunger of education going high and high so people agon trying to learn some thing and for that kind of pople the open university is like bless of good

Open University In USA

USA is already Developed Country and the people are educated and understane the value of education,Here no age limitation for education or study so the concept of open univesity is also well devloped here

Open University In UK

UK the ultimate country also increse some education level and for that they have developed some university among them some are open university which providing Distance Learning Education