To access an online course, log into Blackboard from the DelVal App Hub OR go directly to https://delval.blackboard.com/ultra.
When searching for online course offerings, choose online (or hybrid) for the location.  Most online courses have a 276, 277 or 278 section code.
See below for additional information.
What are online courses?
Online courses are those where the students and the instructor are separated by distance and often time. All online courses at DelVal provide regular and substantive interaction between the instructor and students. The student learning outcomes for an online course are no different from a course taught on a campus. The workload and rigors of an online course are well suited for students who are able to work independently and stay on top of the coursework without the structure of a campus classroom. Online courses offer students the opportunity to learn from any location and benefits such as convenience and flexibility, but to be successful, students need to be self-disciplined.
Although every online course is organized and conducted slightly different depending on the instructor, every course uses the Blackboard Learning System for course delivery and ongoing communication. You will need to login to Blackboard regularly to check announcements, obtain the course syllabus and review course requirements.
In addition, every online course requires both online and offline work. For example, sometimes you will go online to read course content, watch multimedia presentations, complete computer-graded online exercises and/or participate in online discussions. Other times, you might go online to obtain an assignment and review deadlines, and then go offline to read the textbook, study for a test or draft an essay. Then, once you complete the required work, you will go back online and submit your work electronically or review grades and feedback from previous assignments.
The majority of online courses are asynchronous. Therefore, you will interact with your instructor and other students primarily through email and online discussion boards. However, some instructors will also offer synchronous learning sessions using chat and web-conferencing software that allow members of the class to get together to discuss content and exchange ideas simultaneously.
Support is available. Instructors are readily available to clarify content, review assignments and answer questions during the length of the course. Technical Support is also available during regular business hours by phone at 215-489-(4357)HELP or by email at support@delval.edu.
Online Readiness
Is online learning right for you? To find out whether online learning is for you, you must assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences. To do so, take a short quiz to assess your online learning readiness. Based on your responses to the questions, you may be an ideal candidate for learning online.
Student Requirements
The following are required:
  • Be a disciplined, self-motivated student
  • Have access to your own personal computer that meets the system requirements
The tuition cost to enroll in an online course is the same as it would be for an on-campus course plus a distance education fee. All of the procedures and policies governing courses offered through DelVal also apply to online courses (i.e. late fees, withdrawals, etc.) During the Fall and Spring Terms, full-time DelVal day students (those who pay full-time tuition) who are carrying 16 or fewer credits may enroll in online courses at no additional tuition charge (the distance education fee still applies, however). If registering for an online course increases the students’ credits to greater than 19, the student will be required to pay the overload tuition fee for each credit. Full-time students should consult with their advisors prior to registering for the online course to determine their eligibility. During all other terms, including but not limited to Summer, Summer 1 and Summer 2, day students must pay the tuition rate per credit, plus the distance education fee for each online course.
Where to find your online course
All online courses use the Blackboard Learning System for course delivery. To access Blackboard, log into DelVal App Hub OR go directly to https://delval.blackboard.com/ultra. PLEASE NOTE: Courses are typically visible/available on the official first day of class or up to 6 hours after you register if the course has already been made available. Although every instructor organizes their course differently, your best bet is to check out the Announcements, Syllabus and Course Materials sections first.
Course Communication
IMPORTANT! Blackboard uses DelVal email accounts for ongoing course communication.  If you are a new student, a DelVal email account will be created for you, and you will receive your email account instructions in the mail, or you can contact Support at 215-489-4357 for email assistance.
Textbook/Course Requirements
IMPORTANT! You will need to purchase your textbook and any other required course materials prior to the start of the course. Be sure to call or visit the bookstore to determine what is required. PLEASE NOTE: Some online courses require an access code in addition to the textbook to be able to view the course materials online. If an access code is required, you can either purchase a textbook/code package in the bookstore or buy the code directly from the publisher.
Technical Support
For technical support, questions, concerns and other general assistance, please contact Support at 215-489-HELP(4357) or support@delval.edu. Please note that, although Blackboard is available 24/7, live support is typically only available during regular business hours. Resources are always available in the student resource center.  To best assist you, Support needs the following information when you contact them for technical assistance:
Personal Information
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your Blackboard username
Problem Information:
  • Type of computer (PC or MAC)
  • Internet browser
  • Description of the problem
  • The exact wording of any error message that you received (or a screen shot)
  • Step-by-step directions of what you attempted to do when you experienced the problem
Training Opportunities/Blackboard Orientation
From a student perspective, Blackboard is a rather simple point-and-click system that does not require formal training to use.  However, if you are not familiar with the features of a course management system, you are encouraged to enroll in a self-paced orientation. This is highly recommended for all new users and essential for success in an online course. To enroll, do the following: 
  1. Access Blackboard
  2. Click on Institution page
  3. Click on the New to Blackboard? link
  4. On the following page, click on the down arrow that appears to the right of title.
  5. Select Enroll. This provides immediate access into the online orientation tutorial.
Additional Information
See the Blackboard Student Resource Center for additional information and resources.