The Literature Review

Once you have identified your bodies of literature, the next step is to review the important works within the field and those that specifically address your topic at hand.  Mindmapping is a way to organize the literature.  You can use it to keep track of authors and their proper citations and even quotations.  Again, as you get ready to write the literature review, you always have the option of exporting everything into a Word document. 
You can also get fancy and do categorizing of the quotations, to keep track of what section you think the quote would best be incorporated into.  Here is a PowerPoint that shows an example of using mindmapping for a literature review.  
Remember, the bonus with mindmapping software is that you can easily move these pieces of information around and create links to the actual documents on your computer or on the internet.
In this PowerPoint, I have used mindmapping to organize a body of literature around the History of Parent Involvement and its three sub-topics:  Involvement, Engagement, and Empowerment.  

Literature Review