Seeing More: Augmented Reality

Tuesday, 28 February from 3:00 - 4:00 pm: 
Join Us for Demonstration and Discussion

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Everyone is encouraged to bring their own portable devices and laptops to experiment and interact with AR demonstrations we will have on-hand.

We are gaining a more integrated view of the real and virtual worlds around us as our mobile devices become more connected. These devices overlay information about what we are looking at, what is near our location, and they guide us to our destination using a multitude of apps, yet this is technology is still in its infancy. Marketers have been the most prolific adopters of augmented reality (AR), but are educators using it, and how might AR be used int he future?

What is AR?

Before we get too far down the rabbit hole, Milgram and Kishino, researchers in the fields of virtual environments and visual communications systems, define augmented reality as "any case in which an otherwise real environment is "augmented" by means of virtual (computer graphic) objects" (1994). Think of it as Reality+

Questions to Ponder

Privacy: Are we sharing our location as we are searching for what is around us and how do we manage that? 
Could AR be the next emerging publishing platform?
What affordances of AR lend it to learning?
What are the implications of having the ability to add information to any object in situ?

Miss the presentation? You can see the slides below and access the resources on this web site.

ASTE2012: Seeing More with AR

SeeingMore With AR