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Reading Revamped - Delicious & Google Account

Several teachers from the Marceline R-V School District attended a workshop in Chillicothe this summer entitled Reading Revamped with Technology.  Anne Jeschke led this exciting workshop and some of the information from that workshop is shown below.
Create a Delicious Account unless you already have an online bookmarking account

Directions for Setting Up a Delicious Account

Set up a new account
Click "go to a user" type in ajeschke and you'll find all my bookmarks- take a look!

Create a Gmail account if you don't already have one.
Go to www.google.com
Create a new account.

Anne's Real Showcase Page

Add a video from You Tube: search on You Tube- play video-copy/paste the url- In Google Sites: insert-video-You Tube-paste in the url-save


YouTube Video

Add a website URL: find a website- copy/paste the url
In Google Sites: Type a title for that website- highlight the text-click the link button- click web address- click once in url window-paste-ok
Awesome Reading Powerpoints

Adding files is easy BUT they need to already be in your Google Docs/Spreadsheets account.