5th Grade Celebration Donation, T-Shirt & Yearbook Ads
Before the BIG day, your student will celebrate & take part in the Disney 5th grade traditions by receiving a YEARBOOK, a Class of 2017 T-SHIRT and participating in the FAREWELL FIELD DAY followed by a PARTY in the PARK on May 23rd. The planning is underway and YOUR HELP is NEEDED!

Listed below are information and details for the 5th grade celebration activities. Please read over it carefully, complete the attached form as it applies to you and return it ASAP, but NO LATER than  April 12th.  If you have any questions, please contact Christina at wnderwoman32@gmail.com.


We are still looking for 3-5 pictures of each 5th grader, individual shots or group photos, from the following: OSS, Field trips, Science Fairs, Spring Dances, Holiday programs, Halloween parades, Young Story Tellers, etc., as well as friend photos, and teacher/staff. Any photo that you think would bring back memories of their last year for the children would be most appreciated.

You can either send actual photos in an envelope clearly labeled “yearbook” with the student’s name or Email your digital pictures to:


or upload them directly to:


Please include event title and names of anyone in the picture. That will help us get it in the right place in the yearbook.


Disney 5th Graders will celebrate their last days of Elementary school with a Field Day on May 23rd that may include a 3 legged race, sponge bucket relay, egg toss or water balloon toss, potato sack race, etc., followed by lunch in the park. If you want to help plan, prepare and execute the Field Day and Party, contact Christina at wnderwoman32@gmail.com.


Delivered in early May, every 5th grader gets a Disney Red T-Shirt with the school name on the front left side & a large “17” on the back with the name of every 5th grade student inside the number.


Funds have been raised for our 5th graders through holiday gram sales and a bake sale to off-set the cost of these activities, plus some carry over from last years fundraising. However, it isn’t enough to fund the yearbook, t-shirt, field day and Party in the Park for all 66 students. Therefore, we are asking for a small donation of $20 per child.

Everything is at cost. There is no mark-up, no fee’s and no profit will be made. Any unused funds (if there are any) will be set aside for by the celebration committee for next year’s promoting class.

It is our intent to include ALL 5th grade students in these Disney traditions and celebrations! P
lease contact Mrs. Hwang if you are having a financial hardship.


Do you want to place a special message for your child in the year book? For an additional fee, we are offering Tribute Ad’s! What a great way to congratulate your special 5th grader. $5 per 1/8th page, $20 for ½ page or $40 for a whole page. (Details Below).

All photo’s, ad’s and ad payments are due NO LATER than April 10th. If you have any questions, please contact YearBook2017@waltdisneypta.org.

The tribute ad message to your special promoting
5th Grader can be as simple as a typed or hand written note or a picture accompanied with text. It may be helpful to choose the picture, write out your message, then select the ad size needed to convey your tribute.

Ad Sizes and Costs

1/8th of a page is 4 Inches wide and 21/4 inches tall  (41/4 x 2 3/4 minus a 1/4 inch margin on all sides.)

1/8th of a page cost $5.

1/4 of a page (2/8ths) is either 2 across (8 x 2 1/4) or 2 down (4 x 4 1/2) and costs $10

1/2 of a page (4/8ths) is 8 x 4 1/2 and costs $20

1 whole page (8/8ths) is 8 x 10 1/2 and costs $40.


You can make your donations and ad payments with CASH or CHECK using this form:

English Order Form   Spanish Order Form

Or you may pay Online (by Credit Card or Paypal) using the Paypal Button below:

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