Pad Thai

List of Ingredients:
Oil – Canola or Peanut 
Chicken breasts or Shrimp
Firm Tofu
Rice Noodles (thin not wide) 
Garlic cloves 
Tamarind Paste 
Fish Sauce
Palm Sugar or Brown Sugar 
Bean Sprouts
Crushed Chili Pepper flakes
Green Onions or Garlic Chives 
Cilantro (Optional)

Prep Ingredients –Have ready by your wok and all prepped:

 Soak Rice Noodles in cool water –about 30-45 minutes.  Should be pliable but not fully cooked. 

  • Slice or chop firm tofu to desired size
  • Grind up peanuts
  • Chop up green onions or Chinese garlic chives
  • Chop 3 cloves of garlic
  • Chop up chicken – bit size pieces or strips
  • If using shrimp, peel and devain
  • egg carton - one to two per person
  • Slice limes

Mix together in medium sauce pan: 
1/3 c.Tamarind Paste (or pulp) 
1/3 c. Fish Sauce 
½ c. Palm Sugar or 2/3 c. brown sugar 
1 t. Chilli Powder (or to taste) 

Bring to slow simmer just until sugar dissolves. Turn off heat.

Making Pad Thai:
Heat wok very hot. Add 2-3 T. oil until very hot. Stir fry tofu until crisp. Remove. Stir in meat. If using shrimp add and cook until pink and remove from wok. If chicken, stir fry until almost done. Add a pinch of garlic.  Next add ½ T sauce and stir to coat.  Add noodles and about ½ c. sauce.  Toss with 2 large wooden spoons quickly to coat noodles with sauce.  After a minute, push noodles and meat up sides of wok and crack an egg into the bottom.  Wait about 15 seconds and then bust the yolk and scramble.  Toss all together.  Add a cup of beansprouts.  Stir fry quickly.  Add garlic chives.  Stir fry quickly.  Spoon all onto plate.  Sprinkle with additional chili pepper, peanuts, cilantro and more chives if desired.  Squeeze lime over all.

Cooking with Love,

Katie Johnstonbaugh