Personalized Juice Cleanses

Thank you for your interest in our small, community supported, juicy venture :) we'd love to support you in your healthy journey.

Dish for Dosha personalized juice cleanse program facts:

  • Dish for Dosha provides personalized raw, living juices to the Tucson community and surrounding areas, on a daily basis.
  • The Ayurvedic chef at Dish for Dosha LLC, Chef Cecilia Arosemena, is inspired by mindful eating and living for the sake of self-recovery, using the teachings of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old medical tradition still practiced widely in India today.
  • Each juice bottle holds 8.5 oz of carefully crafted raw juice blends, made specifically for your mind & body type, also known as "Dosha" in Sanskrit.
  • Larger formats (quarts, half gallons, gallons) are available for monthly member subscriptions, or for wholesale distribution.
  • Each 8.5 oz juice blend is just $5. Ingredients are usually sourced locally from farmers who tend to pesticide free farms, or grow it in their community supported plots.
  • 100% Organic juice cleanses are available thru special order. Each Organic 8.5 oz juice costs $6.49.
  • Orders must be placed 48 hours before desired pick up or delivery date.
  • We are located inside the YWCA of Southern AZ at 525 N Bonita Ave Tucson AZ 85745.
  • Contact us at 520 -309- 9055 or to set up your first free 15 minute phone consultation, to get the ordering process started.

Juice cleanse programs are:

  • Intended to serve people of our community, by supporting those who would like to restore their bodies back to vibrancy, using natural foods and living fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Designed around your Dosha, and your specific intentions for doing a juice cleanse.
  • Made using fresh ingredients from local,organic and pesticide-free farmers in Arizona, California and Sonora Mexico.
  • Juice flavors and variety depend on your dosha, and what is available locally during each season of the year.