Diane’s qualifications extend from a life time of sports participation and coaching. As well as a Remedial/Sports massage and Emmett Therapist, she is a qualified Swimming coach, Aqua exercise instructor, Strength and Conditioning coach, Julia Russell Massage therapist, Pilates Matwork Instructor.

With this experience Diane’s passion is to assist clients to remain fit and healthy for everyday activity or sports participation. Her experiences range from child growth and development, preparation and recovery for athletes to seniors seeking pain free range of motion. Diane’s programming is specific to adapting clients to exercise before increasing the intensity. This provides a duty of care to a client which places their health as a main priority.

The Emmett Technique is a neuromuscular release that aids muscle memory. Emmett can relieve joint restrictions, lymphatic congestion, neck, back, hip pain and more.

Diane can offer clients exercise advice and alternatives to their regime to assist their recovery.

Medical Disclaimer

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty while exercising, stop and consult your healthcare provider.