Greetings & Graffiti Operator's Manual 

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NOTE: Begin Posting As A Guest. No registration necessary.

Greetings & Graffiti is an open circuit, random posting, publicly moderated forum. There are no rules for the public. There are the following restrictions upon the activities of members, moderators and administrators:

1) Members, moderators and administrators shall not post, reply, edit, delete, sticky, announce, poll or vote in Greetings & Graffiti with logged in accounts, are limited to the permission settings of the Greetings & Graffiti forum and shall post, reply, edit, delete, sticky, announce, poll or vote in this forum only as Guests.

2) Moderators and administrators shall move, split, lock and delete threads in Greetings & Graffiti only with the approval of the membership.

Restrictions are placed upon administrators and moderators for the purpose of achieving equality among all posters.

Experiment with Greetings & Graffiti.

It is a strict administrative policy never to IP check a poster and we plan to give verification of administrative compliance with the rules that are made to allow you the greatest freedom and safeguard your total privacy.

No registration and no registration agreement. No visual confirmation. No email confirmation. No administrator confirmation. No IP checking. No IP banning. No rules of any kind whatsoever. The PUBLIC is the moderator with this publicly moderated forum.

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Permission Settings
  • View PUBLIC
  • Read PUBLIC
  • Post PUBLIC
  • Reply PUBLIC
  • Edit NONE
  • Delete NONE
  • Sticky NONE
  • Announce NONE
  • Vote PUBLIC
  • Poll PUBLIC