I was thinking to write a book , but later I changed my mind when I was connected  to internet and found forums posting questions and discuss issues more beneficial for writer and reader.  
But there was another issue that all discussions which is time and effort of writer 
could be disappeared by server down hence books are supported by ink and paper. 
Later found there are sites that archive pages and since then i am using archive.org  and recently i checked for old topics.
Following is copy of my topic and its posts which will survey as far as archive.org is on the line.  

I have saved topics manually one by one , to save every  post of same discussion needs time and patience. 

I advise readers to click on this phrase:
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Muhammad - the messenger of GOD -48:29   
         Rashad Khalifah was the one in 3:81   
   further discoveries. 
    Dr. A.R.Fazely forum  
      For Zlatan and all his followers. 
    Do You Know source of Chronological Sequence of Revelation?     
     Save your posts.  
       Code Seven in Quran  
      Produce One Like Those 
       Are you aware if this?  
   Has been any hajj disaster before 1987?   
   Y V R Created ?   
   Question for code believers!   
  Cating out 9   
  Do you agree with these definitions? 
    Interesting links   
   He has cAlif & Hamza ?!ounted the numbers of all things 72:28   
     Alif & Hamza ?! 
    Was Rashad Khalifah God's messenger? 
     Dear Dr. Math  
    How Quran can confirm previous scriptures ?   
  Is this bloody war between Sunnis and Shia over Khilafat ?   
   This Sad Day    
     ‘embryo bank’ 
  The Creator's Signature " Googol ^ 100 " Pt1   
    Question from Shia's and Sunnis: Are these truth?   
     Corrupted Islam   
   Good bye everybody  
    Where in Quran we find use
 Brother or Sister for other poeple? 
   NEW AWESOME MIRACLES Is this irrelevant fields.MAZHAR? 
     Gaussian Primes and the Quran Is this irrelevant fields.MAZHAR?  
   Khomeini on Woman and Her Periods  
   Interesting links    
  Christian Colander is not right.   
    Why were these unique versions of the Qur'an later destroyed by fire?   
   Peace Ayman: You forgot to response!  
   Peace Ayman: You forgot to response!  
    “path of `GOD Alone`”. 
    News: Welcome to the discussion of God Alone  
    My environment:  
   Mazhar : You have no choice ,Find the flaw or shut down your site.    
   Layth :This topic Deleted “Gogool^100” rejecting 9:128-129.  
  83:8 &19 ?  
   نْ هُوَ إِلَّا ذِكْرٌ لِلْعَلَمِينَ لِ    
   Math for idiots. 
  Dear E-mail Owner,You are a winner of the UK National lottery 
   Over It Are Nineteen 
   Digital Messages 
     soldiers stuck verses of the Quran onto the ends of their spears  
    Speed of light in Quran and Pslam !  
   Ayman: 1 apple +1 ornge=2 apple   
  Is Jesus God ?   
   Which God? Which Book?  
    It is thanks to Deedat's book that I was first introduced to 19.  
   My vision for source of hexagon    
  Who killed Neda?    
   Who is that educated messenger in 44:14?  
    My last post : How you deny this? 1   
       Need help from Farsi فارسی language members. 
     Odd Man  
    Is cremating allowed. ?  
   in search for "flimsy army of Satan" 
  WarnerS ?  
  Solid proof for Rashad Khalifah inspiration.   
    What is your understanding of these messages?  
   God Alone, Quran Alone.  
    Say "No" to religious dress code  
     Show the 19 cycles   
  Need Math help:) 
  You are invited    
    Good Bye    
    Miracle Believers sites 
: http://www.quran.org/   
 Religious appearance   
   لا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ Quran corrects and confirms older scriptures. pt1 
     FAQ: Ayisha first.   
    "Smoke" Year 2050  
    Code 19 in moon wobbling timing  
Looking for computer professional partner 
     How this can be rejected without code?    
    Which direction to pray?  
    A comment to Layth  
   70 Domains for sale   
   Hexagonal Life   
   How much you know code 19 as a believer ? 
     The Lie of Quranic Abrogation   
   Do we need border  
     Why they are afraid ? 
   Cheaters and charlatans  
  Have you read this book? Do you know why?  
   Do we need books to believe in God?   
   I am introducing myself at the end :)   
 Tomorrow is late    
  LastDay3: Please write your Shahada     
    Code 19 "TRASH" place Lam in 11:70, 30:21  
  Are you active in other public places?  
   Cancer , this era growing deseas, how to fight it    
    Quran, Hadith, and Islam قرآن حدیث و اسلام    
     Flat earth    
    Clergies net pool FreedomStands !