Tank Cleanliness

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Keeping Your Tank Clean


By : Derek Rogers

There are many ways that you can keep your fish tank clean. It is important to do so because a clean fish tank means happy and healthy fish. A clean fish tank is also better for your home, as it does not smell and won't produce smells or attract bugs. All in all, having a clean fish tank is very important, and there are several steps that you can take to insure that this happens.

First, use rocks and materials in your fish tank that are made to be in fish tanks. Using regular rocks, dirt, or things that aren't meant to be in the tank can produce filth in your water. It can also be poisonous for the fish. There are rocks that are meant to be put into a fish tank, and the ones that are made out of plastic or other materials will not allow dust or dirt to accumulate. Plastic rocks will also not leave any sand or dirt in the water. Therefore, these are the best materials to use.

Second, be sure to use pure water, or use a water treatment on the water that you put in the tank. Using clean water will be less harmful for the fish, and it will also give less of a chance of dirt building up. Using clean water and treating it will help to eliminate bacteria from growing and will also allow your fish tank to remain cleaner for longer.

Next, if you get an algae eater, such as a plecostomus, you can help your fish tank stay clean naturally. A Plecostomus will eat the algae and the other substances that grow on the sides of your tank, and will keep algae from growing in your tank. This will help you promote an overall clean fish tank, which you will be able to enjoy.

Another good tip to remember when keeping a fish tank is that you should only have the amount of fish that fit well in that tank. A small tank can only hold roughly three small fish, depending on the type of fish and how much space and oxygen those particular fish need. Therefore, be sure that you check with the pet store or the place where you buy your fish to see how many fish of what particular size will work well in your tank. Having too many fish in a small area can be harmful for the fish, and it can also help to promote a very dirty tank. Keeping your tank clean can be much easier if you only have a few fish, and don't keep more fish than your tank can reasonably hold.

Keeping a clean fish tank might seem like a lot of hard work, but if you follow these above suggestions right from day one, you will find that you don't have to clean your tank so often, and in between cleanings your fish tank stays clean and on the whole looks a lot nicer.

Author Resource:- Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For advice on cleaning fish tanks, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of http://www.seapets.co.uk/ fish tanks.

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