Welcome to Discursive Baking!

My name is Morghan.  I bake several different kinds of cakes to order, as well as cookies, brownies and some other baked goods.  Feel free to check my price list and order from there.  There's also some pictures on that page that give an idea what they look like!

I accept cash or PayPal, no checks. I would prefer not to ship internationally because, although I can be sure that my items will reach people in the US within a week, freshness is a problem and I cannot guarantee overseas customers will receive their items in that same length of time. All care will be taken to make sure that the items aren't damaged, and are as fresh as possible upon arrival.

I can also negotiate if you have a particular type of cake you'd like.  Email me at discursivebaking@gmail.com with your order and we'll work something out!


Morghan Tyler
(502) 609-4411