Sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

From Muhammad Alshareef:

All around us, self-help gurus (not Shaykhs, gurus) and personal
development coaches offer us tips on how to be successful. Any
Muslim that attends these workshops or listens to this advice
can 'sense' that all of this and much more is already a slice of
Islam. Yet, not too many Muslims know where to access this
success advice and guidance from Islamic sources.

Rejoice Now! The solution is here: I'm SOOO excited to share
with you my mass-scale da'wah solution! Every week for one year,
I will send you a short but powerful verse or hadith related to
success conditioning.  I personally selected each one - this is
not a copy/paste collection. Some of the hadith you may have
read before, but will love being reminded. Others you will be
learning for the first time, and will love the depth it brings
to your life and loved ones.

What others are saying about this:

WOW! I just signed up for it right now, and the firs email Hadeeth that I recieved is which i need the most right now. seems like a miracle, Alhamdulillah. - W.S.

It has changed my life in a positive way. It has had a direct affect into my university grades. - M.A.

i'm going through a tough time (as we all are probably :) so these short and sweet reminders are the strings making my weak limbs get through the days. I wanted to say jazakAllah for send them on a consistent basis. - S.A.


... be AUTOMATICALLY reminded of Allah and His Messenger's
... spend an outstanding year developing your Islamic SUCCESS
... have SOMETHING to share with your friends and Muslim youth
... STAND OUT from the crowd at Islamic discussions
... pass on the message of Islam, if only with ONE Ayah
... enjoy the EXCITEMENT of finding out 'next week's' hadith!

Just click here to sign up and you'll automatically receive
your first short lesson on ... (wouldn't you like to know?)

Of course, you 'could' delay this till tomorrow. Or next month.
Or, y'know what, just forget about it. Sure, you could do that.
But what would you be missing if you did? What advice is
awaiting you, next week, 10 weeks from now, that could alter the
course of your life?


Listen to what one subscriber experienced: You have sent this verse at the right time.

I'm new to the country and its been very difficult for me to get a job n finally today i got an offer to start in 2 days.

it has made me realise how beautiful it is to just leave everything up to him cause i was soo frustrated with not getting anything taht yesterday i said to myself if Allah wills it will work out and today morning i got the call

subhanallah :) just wanted to tell you that this verse came to me at the right time just when i thought of giving up totally. - C.C.


Choose your destiny right now, Success advice from Allah and His Messenger:

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
~ Muhammad Alshareef

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Success advice from Allah and His Messenger 

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