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               What's New!

    Aug 27--SM CSD MTG.
    Aug. 28--Bingo at Senior Citizens
    Aug. 30-- Pancake breakfast at Senior Citizens
    Sept. 1-- Chamber's evening of Appreciation
    Sept. 9 --Coffee with the CHP
    Sept.11-- Bingo at Senior Citizens
    Sept. 15--Garden Meeting rm. 33 at Lillian Larsen
    Sept. 16--Christmas Parade Planning meeting
    Sept. 18--Hesperia Hall Quilt Show
    Sept. 21--Park Plan Community Mtg. at Parish Hall
    Sept. 22-- Board of Supervisors hearing on vacating K St for park
    Sept. 23--SM Advisory Council Mtg.
    Sept. 24--SMCSD Mtg.
    Sept. 25--Bingo at Senior Citizens
    Sept. 26--Caledonia Days     and    Garden workday
    Sept. 27--Pancake breakfast at Sr. Citizens
    Sept. 27-- Mission Fiesta
    Oct. 17--Annual Rogers Fun Run at Lillian Larsen School
    Oct. 24 --Candlelit tour of Rios-Caledonia Adobe with Ghost Stories
                    more on Lillian Larsen calendar  here

    San Miguel Library has new hours starting in September:
        • Wednesdays 11-5
          Thursdays 12-6
          Saturdays 10-4
          Librarian, Judy Brown, says this new schedule will accommodate students, since Wednesdays are minimum days at school.
          Keep in mind they also have free Wifi at the library and they now have a new copier available

          Join the San

           Miguel Chamber

          of Commerce for 

          an Evening of Appreciation Sept. 1

          This is an open event to anyone interested in learning more about the Chamber, as well as Chamber members .  It will be an evening of good food, drinks, and great company!  It is the First Annual Charter & New Member Appreciation Mixer at The Ranch in San Miguel on September 1st from 6-8pm, and you're invited!  Bring your business cards.

          Can't make this event but ready to join the Chamber?  

          Well, August is their Annual Membership Drive Month!

          You can renew your membership (or join!) by clicking here.

          Chamber  members are vital because they help sustain all of the great San Miguel events about which the SMCC is deeply committed, such as the Car Show, liability insurance for the two community parades and for maintenance of the sidewalk gardens and benches. We also encourage Lillian Larsen School participation in our Trunk or Treat event for a safe Halloween. Moreover, the San Miguel Chamber of Commerce will host the big 4 North County Chamber Mixer next year here in San Miguel (location TBA)! Inasmuch as over 3,000 participants attended this year's grand-scale mixer, as well as County and State representatives, you can see why your dues make all the difference in the world as far as community recognition and potential business growth goes. 

          Interested in the school garden continuing to move forward? 

          Attend the Garden Meeting on Tues., Sept. 15  at 3:30 pm.  in room 33,    Christina Wilkinson's classroom at Lillian Larsen School.
          The School Garden Workday will be Saturday Sept. 26 from 8-12. You can park in the front parking lot or drive through the gate around to the garden if the gate is open.  It would be appreciated if anyone who has a lawn mower could bring it to use before student begin working in the garden.  Also, bring hand tools (hammer, pliers, and garden tools) if possible.

          Everyone interested in what goes

          on at the Annual Christmas

           Parade should to at the first

           planning meeting. 
          Wednesday, Sept. 16 , 7 pm at the CSD board room (across from the post office).
          Come with your ideas.  Contact Mike Sanders for more information.


          Were you born in California? Then maybe you would like to celebrate your heritage , get involved in your community, and become a member of the San Miguel Native Daughters or Native Sons..

          San Miguel Native Daughters Parlor No. 94 was established in February 1897. They meet at the San Miguel Senior Center the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM.The San Miguel Parlor participates in the Sagebrush Parade, the Christmas Parade, and the Pioneer Day Parade are just some of the regular activities of both the Native Daughters and Native Sons.

          The  upcoming Pioneer Ladies Tea that honors the Pioneer Women of our area is sponsored by the San Miguel Native Daughters Parlor.  The Father Reginald Park  close to the Mission is maintained by the San Miguel Native Sons.  They also help with Caledonia Days which is coming up soon.

          The Order works to preserve California’s history, support of children who have special needs, provide scholarships, honor our veterans, participate in local community activities and service groups, support the preservation of our missions and lighthouses, and protect and preserve California’s natural resources.

          Contact information:     dicknjean@tcsn.net  805-467-0194          Jean Hoffmann for Native Daughters,  Dick Hoffmann for Native Sons

          Hesperia Hall Quilt Show
          Antique and Contemporary Quilts
          Friday Sept. 18 from 2-9PM, Potluck at 7 PM.  free admission.
          For more information contact:  Kate Snell 805-472-2070 or hesperiasews@hotmail.com

  • County Parks and Recreation is working on a project that will expand San Miguel Community Park. There  are two upcoming dates that relate to the expansion of the San Miguel Community Park.  

    • Sept. 21 at :6:30 pm:  A community meeting at the Mission San Miguel Parish Hall to show revised park plan to the  community and get feedback
    • Sept. 22:  Board of Supervisors hearing of the request to vacate one block of K Street needed to expand San Miguel Community Park.

    one park design plan


        • "Coffee with  the CHP" continues:    on the second Wednesday of each month at Nature's Touch
          25 So. Main St. Templeton beginning at 8:30 a.m. 
          *for the community to know the CHP outside of an enforcement stop
          *for the community to put a name and face for the CHP
          *With all the bad press about police officers, he wants to interact with the community, build a trust, and let you know they are regular people just like you.
          *to be a resource that will answer the questions he can, but provide guest speakers at future meetings to address concerns he cannot answer or that are outside his jurisdiction.
          *to try and have a different guest at each meeting and a short presentation on subjects ranging from: laws (cell phone, child safety seats, DUI, etc), senior volunteer program, foreign registration violations, and basically whatever you would like to learn about.
          *The meeting is about the community.  He wants the community to feel comfortable with the CHP and to provide a service you feel is useful.

  • Caledonia Days on Saturday, Sept. 26    10am-3pm, free to the public.
    The day will include: dutch-oven demos(with food sales to public, artists, quilters, arrowhead knapping, old-time photography, blacksmith demos, small engine demos, rock collectors, live music , and more!

    Mission San Miguel  has changed the date for their annual fiesta to the Fourth Sunday of September.  Mission Fiesta on Sept. 27

                  Enjoy a fun night out playing bingo!     San Miguel Senior Citizens host Bi-monthly Bingo at Senior Center East 12th St.  
  • Bingo the 2nd and 4th Friday  
    They invite all interested adults to join in.  Doors open at 6 pm. They play 10 games at  only 50 cents per card and you can enjoy refreshment while you play.  Also, once a month they host a Sunday morning Pancake Breakfast from 8:30-11:30. Scheduled on the last Sunday of each month,  


    Board Meeting Actions CSD Board Members held a Special Board meeting on August 20th to interview finalist candidate firms for replacing District legal counsel.  Board Members, after a 2 ½ interview question and answer session, held Board discussions in open session and determined that the firm of Churchwell White was the best fit for future District legal services.  Board Members directed the District General Manager to negotiate final terms and conditions for a contract agreement that can be brought to Board for final approval.

    Next Regular Board Meetings are:  August 27, 2015 and September 24, 2015.

    Water Conservation

     As drought conditions and impacts becoming more prevalent, it is in everyone’s best interest to learn a few robust landscaping techniques to manage drought impacts without losing entirely the “curb appeal” for our homes.

    Replacing California's Lawns

    Outdoor landscaping is the single largest use of water in the typical California home. In most of our yards, grass consumes the most water, so reducing or eliminating how much grass we have in our landscapes can make a significant impact on the state’s water use.

    The ongoing drought reinforces the importance of using water more wisely, especially our drinking water. Governor Brown issued an Executive Order on April 1, 2015 that directed the implementation of specific actions to reduce potable water use in the urban sector. Directive number three declared that 50 million square feet of turf be replaced with drought-tolerant landscapes. This is to be accomplished by local water agency programs and a complementing statewide residential turf rebate program implemented by DWR.

    Residential Turf Rebate Update

    The on-line applications for residential turf removal (and toilet replacement) rebates are available. To submit the application click on the Rebate Application tool bar located on the right side menu. Rebates will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. It is recommended that interested applicants submit their application as soon as possible.  The State is offering up to $2,000 in turf replacement rebates for those interested, GO TO:


    Click on the tab for turf replacement to complete an online application.  The application will require a measurement of the turf area to be removed, 5 current pictures, and a copy of your most recent water bill or electrical bill, even if you have private water well..

    For more information , please contact the District office at 467-3388.

    San Miguel  Advisory Council  next meeting Sept. 23    7pm @ Community Center   Public Reports,  Council Reports, Community Reports, County Planning Report,  --     You can contact Mike Sanders for more information:  805-712-9120

    San Miguel Joint Union School District 
     School Board Meetings  information

    next meeting  Thursday,  

     The board packet may be accessed at our district website -- Select District, Governing Board from the drop down menu and select the agenda and board packet you wish to view. 

    Thank you,  Jan Brown,  Administrative Asst. to the Superintendent 


    If you'd like to see our downtown area looking good,  find a way to get involved in helping with this project..  

    Downtown Landscaping needs your help.  Some background: For several years now, the Chamber has  tried to get businesses and community members to adopt sections of the downtown landscape to keep it looking nice with weeds under control.  Some businesses and a few individuals stepped forward and adopted a section, but not all were adopted.   Unfortunately, we've had some businesses move on and some adoptions given up.  Fortunately we have had some quarterly  help  this year from employees of Courtside Cellars--that has been greatly appreciated. We are thankful for "the Walky-Talkies"San Miguel Mercantile, and  Linda's Country Diner for consistently caring for their adoptions. We also appreciate those who have helped in our bimonthly landscape workdays.  We also appreciate San Miguel Garbage for always supplying containers and disposing of the green waste as well as the liter we collect. Unfortunately, lately we have not had enough help to sufficiently tend to all of the needs of the un adopted spaces.  We have also faced some problems with the deficient water system put in by the county and many of the plants have died as a result.  This is an ongoing problem that we are hoping will be resolved in the near future.

    The need:  We need more individuals, families,neighborhood groups, organizations, businesses, or  other groups to step forward to adopt a section of the landscaping between 11th and 14th streets on Mission St.  We have guidelines that have to be followed, but they are not hard.  It only requires a commitment of your time to tend your section, probably once a month is sufficient.   We are discontinuing the scheduled bi-monthly workdays because of lack of volunteers.      Contact Mike Sanders at San Miguel Mercantile for more information or to volunteer , michaelj.sanders9@gmail.com or 712-9120

    History Project: 

    “Doc “ Stanley, an interesting character with an unusual medical practice history.

    This article  was inspired when I quite accidentally came across a segment on the  “History at the Museum”  TV series  about Dr. Leo Stanley, “A Surgery to Reverse Aging”.http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/mysteries-at-the-museum/video/a-surgery-to-reverse-aging  

      I explored further and discovered it was in fact, the Dr. Leo Stanley who grew up in San Miguel  and had written the book, “San Miguel at the Turn of the Century” which was published in 1976.   In it he relates many experiences and memories of San Miguel. 

     In 1895, when Leo was 9 years old, he and his family of 6 moved  from  Oregon to San Miguel.  His father, Dr. Hartwell B. Stanley joined several other physicians who practiced in San Miguel and outlying communities. ( Dr. Lorenzo D. Murphy, Dr. Henry C. Murphy, Dr. Walters, and Dr. W. McNaul)  Leo finished his education in San Miguel at the old brick schoolhouse and then went on to high school at Paso Robles High.  Following high school Leo had decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and went on to Cooper Medical College in San Francisco where he received his medical degree in 1913.  As a third year medical student, Leo had what he called a “fruitful and rewarding experience” assisting with his father’s country practice. He was able to observe  his father’s  cheerful, kind, helpful, and understanding manner of devotion to alleviating the pain and suffering of his patients.  His father passed away a year after Leo graduated from medical school. 

     Upon graduation, Dr. Leo Stanley took a position as medical officer at San Quentin State Penitentiary . Within months of accepting the position, Stanley was acknowledged for his work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to preserving prisoners lives, and he was promoted to chief surgeon.  

    Dr. Stanley cared for prisoners health needs but also became interested in medical research.  The setting of the prison gave him the controlled conditions he needed, and he began some experiments.  By 1918 he had begun a sterilization program which he believed would help stop the spread of “undesirable “ genes.  He also began his rejuvenation experiments.  He grafted testicles from executed prisoners to older prisoners with the thought that he could reverse or slow some of the aging process.  He was impressed with the results, but his testicle supply was not keeping up with his demand, so he began a new procedure.  Rather than grafting testicles of humans, he used the testicles of goats, boar, and deer which he mashed into a kind of slurry and injected into patients abdomen. By 1940 he had completed over 10,000 implantations.  

    During World War II Stanley served as a surgeon for the Navy in the Pacific and when he returned to San Quentin after the war there had been a shift in thinking about treatment .  The medical profession was now questioning the efficacy of his once acclaimed procedures.  The procedure fell out of favor and his experiments slowly faded from the scene.

    He retired in 1951 and  became a  doctor aboard a cruise ship before returning to his home in Marin County.  He was 90 years old at his death in 1976.

    (special side note:  San Quentin was designated the only prison in California where executions for men must occur.  It had been built in 1893 and prior to that, the counties executed convicts.  According to Wikipedia, between 1893 and 1937, 215 men were executed by hanging. Then from 1937-1995, 195 died in the gas chamber.  Then the use of gas was ruled “cruel and unusual punishment”. ) 

    An interesting article online  at ODDLY HISTORICAL  has more involved information about his studies and calls him a “doctor turned mad scientist”.   Here is the link if you are interested in reading more:  http://www.oddlyhistorical.com/2014/06/30/dr-leo-stanley-san-quentin-eugenics-experiments/

    There is also a much more in depth article on ACADEMIA by Ethan Blue that gives more  information about the research and the prison system and changes over time.  It also noted that “there were 2 prisons in Ca. when he was hired, five when Stanley retired, and 12 when he died.”  I think there are many more now, but not sure how many.  http://www.academia.edu/1961928/The_Strange_Career_of_Leo_Stanley_Remaking_Manhood_and_Medicine_at_San_Quentin_State_Penitentiary_1913-1951   

    If you have any old photos or information about San Miguel's past that you would be willing to share with us or you'd like to get involved, we'd  love to hear from you. We're interested in your stories and especially your stories of your ancestors in San Miguel.   2011SMRC@gmail.com.  Be sure to check out the posts on the history discussion board  You may have input to add or you may find some about where you live  or lived in town

  • CANDLELIT TOUR OF THE RIOS-CALEDONIA ADOBE, with GHOST STORIES, October 24, 2015 (Saturday).  7 PM to 9 PM, FREE to the public.

    Candles and refreshments will be provided.

  • San Miguel Girl Scouts troop 40479 Update

    San Miguel Girl Scouts are enjoying Summer Break and will resume regular meetings starting the first week of school.  If your daughter would like to join, please contact Heidi for further information at: SanMiguelGSTroop40479@hotmail.com


    Please jo

    in the Almond Country 

    Quilters’ Guild for their August meeting

    Date: Friday
    ,  Sept.5, 2015 

    Location:  Masonic Lodge, 26007 Traffic Way, Atascadero

     Social Time begins at 6:30 pm  Cost: Free September’s meeting will be followed by a lecture and trunk show from author, teacher, and designer Anelie Belden (www.dresdenquilt.com) prior to her workshop on September 5th and 6th on Dresden Quilt design. Please contact Dora Espinosa for information (sunzia2@charter.net). Visitors are welcome at our Guild meetings so please join us.

    Also, ACQG continues sales of Annual Opportunity Quilt tickets. It is a beautiful pieced lavender and green queen size quilt this year. Contact Linda Hampton for information lindahampton47@yahoo.com

    For further information about the Almond Country Quilters Guild, check out our website www.almondcountryquilters.org. For meeting information please contact lisajguerrero@msn.com . 

    For further information about the guild, check out their website www.almondcountryquilters.org

  • .


              •  San Miguel Mission Mitigation Project underway in San Miguel 

                If you have noticed some excavation across the tracks just north of the Mission, you may be interested in this article from the California Mission Foundation newsletter written one of the Foundation's archaeologist, "Mission San Miguel Mitigation Project".  

              • San Miguel Fi



                next Clean up Day

                0n August 1st at CSD 8 am-- 'til full

                Please be aware that this is only for San Miguel residents and Your donations are needed in order to keep this program going. It costs $350 or more each time for dumping fees.


          • Large household items such as furniture, mattresses ($10 fee for each), and generally things that won’t fit into your regular garbage can

          • Metal items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, scrap metal of any kind

          • SMALL batteries &electronic items such as TV’s, VCR’s computers, monitors, stereos, etc.

          • Donations are appreciated to help cover dumping fees The

          • Garbage Company donates their service as the Firefighters donate their time for the clean up days, but they have to pay a $350 dump fee plus $10 per mattress, so your generous donations are needed to insure that this event continues.

        • All donations should be addressed to :  SMFA Cleanup Committee

        • Thank you San Miguel Firefighters Association Volunteers

          and San

          Miguel Garbage Co. for all your efforts in making this event possible!


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