DAFA Summer Camps!

2015 Summer Performance Camps

Camp Sessions:
Week long Camp
June 13-17
June 20-24
June 27-July 1
July 11-15
July 18-22
July 25-29
Day Camp
June 1, 2, 3
June 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
July 5, 6, 7, 8,
Aug 1, 2

General Info:
All school age children welcome.

Camps are offered in week long (M-F) sessions, from 9:00am-4:00pm.  

Extension activities available before and after camp hours to fit the needs of working parents (small additional fee).

Participants will have a hand in choosing and developing their own themes and activities to their individual interests and abilities.
This year, the campers who register before June 1st will be able to help plan this year’s camps!  You will be given a list of Camp themes to pick from.  After that, you will help with helping to plan Drama, Art, and Music games and activities for group involvement.

 The number of kids involved in camp will be small to allow for group participation.  This means that the numbers accepted will be limited.  

Each camper will have their own spot or cubbie to store their belongings!  

Camp is over at 3:00 Friday afternoon at 3:00 with a presentation that is opened to parents and friends to attend.

Weekly camps are again only $110 per camper!  Just $100 if you register prior to June 1st.  Early registrants will be involved in choosing the themes and activities for the week!

Campers will provide their own morning and afternoon snacks and lunch.  

"Lunch and a Movie" will be a quiet time to relax from 12:00pm noon till 1:00pm.  It is a restful time to energize for the afternoon activities!  Educational movies about Music, Art, or Drama will be shown or the campers can choose to read or rest quietly alone!

Wednesdays are carry-out pizza day!  If you choose, for the cost of $3.00 per person for you choice of 1 piece of cheese or pepperoni pizza (we order from Little Caesars), a pudding cup and a Capri Sun drink.  Additional pizza can be sold for $1.00 per slice.  

A special popsicle snack is provided for everyone on Thursday afternoons.  (It's a surprise, so don’t tell!)

*Special Camps* 
offered this year  June 27-July 3

"Carnival of the Animals"       for Preschool ages 3-5, (campers must be potty trained!)
Lots of art, music, and drama games to go with each animal!

Using the famous Music by Camielle Saint-Saens campers ages 3-5 will appreciate the music as unique animals are introduced:  Introduction and Royal March of the Lions,   Hens and Chickens, Fleet-footed Animals (Horses), Tortoises, Elephants, Kangaroos, Aquarium, Long-Eared Personages, Cuckoo in a Deep Woods,  Aviary,  Pianists,  Fossils, and Swan.   They will participate in music--singing, playing rhythm and tonal instruments, and movement.  Age appropriate art will give the children in a book they have produced with their own art projects to remember their activities.  Drama and fun games will enhance the story and music.

"Wizardry"        for ages 6 and up.
Group will divide into classes within a magic school with special names and activities to learn the tricks of magic!

You may feel like you’re in your own Hogwarts School as you learn about the fun side of being a wizard.  The group will be divided into schools where we create our own names, banners and crests.  We will construct our own wands as we study subjects including Astronomy, Dueling (the harmless sort) and the Science of Magical Creatures, Snakes, Dragons, and Owls.  Classes and groups will be given challenges with opportunities to earn colorful gems, as they win guessing, seeking, puzzles and different sorts of games.  Your imagination will be challenged and your fun enhanced with this camp!!  Capes used for costumes are welcome!

Camp theme ideas:

(Camp themes will be decided by the campers.  Here are some suggestions, or bring your own ideas to the table!)
Dogs -the care of dogs, varieties, and dog shows
All Ball -variety of "ball based" games, all played indoors with teams and individuals
Around the World in 80 Days -Pick countries and we'll play games, listen to music and experience art and Artists from those countries
Quiz Show Jamboree -Build, Script, and Participate in popular quiz shows
Bugs -There are bugs all around.  Learn about them, draw them, play games about them, and share with the group what you learn
Cruise Ship & Ports
Night At The Museum
Under the Big Top (Circus)
Funky Mother Goose
Rock & Roll is here to stay
Pets on Parade
On the Red Carpet
Holiday Magic
Physical Fitness

What goes on during the DRAMA part of camp?

The Campers will learn about different aspects of the theatre including:   

o   Acting

o   Blocking

o   Support and Stage Crew Jobs

o   Voice Projection

o   Gestures,

o   Making and Using Props,

o   Building Scenery

o   Costumes

o   Make-up Techniques

o   Try-outs

o   Rehearsals

 Workshops will teach them:

o   Stage terms they should know,

o   How to Memorize Lines

o   Monologues

o   Choreography

o   Improvisation

o   Puppets

o   Writing and producing scenes, plays, and large productions. 

They will have fun with playing Drama Games, trying Vocal Warm-ups, and discussing Questions to help understand the different jobs and activities involved in drama. Through working with Drama we will build and grow our:

o   Confidence

o   Creative thinking

o   Leadership skills

o   Public speaking abilities

o   Self-esteem

o   Teamwork.

What goes on during the MUSIC part of camp?

            Fun and Appreciation along with learning shills are including:     

o   Listening to, singing along with, and moving in beat to lots of songs with different styles, rhythms and forms.

o   Recognizing and listening to instruments of the orchestra

o   Playing familiar songs as a group using Tone Bells, Step Chimes and bells.

o   Introducing the piano and keyboard.

o   Beating drums and other rhythm and unique  instruments from around the world!

Children will participate in recognizing:

o   Famous songs and Musicians

o   Different songs and genres of music

o   Making music and sounds with unusual objects

o   Listening to stories about songs and music

o   Choreography and movement using ribbons, hula hoops, fans, balls, bean bags, etc.

o   Improvisation and group directions

They will have fun with playing and developing their talents and sharing them with others in the group.  Working with Music we will build and grow our:

o   Confidence

o   Skills and Talents

o   Music Appreciation and Knowledge

o   Music Appreciation

o   Performance Skills

o   Self-esteem

o   Teamwork



What goes on during the ART part of camp?

The children will be working with many different media to capture their art projects.  Several different projects will be given each day of camp for the entire summer!  The children are first given advice and oral instructions, they then think and dream about what they are going to make, draw and produce.  After careful consideration they are given the opportunity to explore and finish their meaningful products according to their imagination and unique abilities:

Campers will learn about the elements of art and how they are used:

o   Line

o   Shape

o   Color

o   Value

o   Texture

o   Form

o   Space

They are given the chance to experiment with various forms of media

o   Paint and many styles of Brushes

o   Crayons

o   Chalk

o   Markers

o   Colored Pencils

o   Scissors and Paper

o   Glue

o   Stencils

o   Watercolors

o   The list is endless with your imagination!

Children will participate in recognizing famous Artist and their works. This will insure that they are given:

o   Inspiration

o   A feeling of success and accomplishment

o   Encouragement to explore what they can accomplish with Art

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Aug 26, 2016, 1:32 PM