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Is This Legal?

Animal medication is perfectly legal. 

What About the FDA? 

The FDA doesn't and can't control animal medications.  They are a bunch of bureaucrats who don't care if you can save 50% or more on mislabeled or irregular animal medication. 

Does Dog Medication Get Through Customs?

Absolutely!  We ship botox for hamsters, dog viagra, parrot xanax, or even cat ambien.   Please note that while under the influence of Ambien or other somnolescents, cats should not drive cars or operate heavy machinery.

Can I Save Big Money by Buying "Dog" Viagra?

Yes.  The elderly, whether human or animal, are often on a fixed income.  With our free flea collar, no longer will your loved one scratch their bits in public.

What About a Prescription?

Order what you want.  At, we have no way of knowing if you're a veternarian.  Scribble it on the back of a napkin and sign it Dr. Love for all we care.  If you want 500 mg of banned ephedrine, or even a half kilogram of viagra for a party, just let us know. 

Can I Use The "Dog" Viagra On My "Dog?"

Certainly -- for the "inadequate" dog, why not let your Chihuahua play with the Great Danes for a change!  But follow dosing instructions carefully as dangerous overdosing may occur as shown in this video.  Cats fed ambien may fall asleep.

What exactly is the cost at for My Medications?

That depends on what drugs you need.  Let's say your pet's name is "grandma" and she has both distemper and syphillis.  Pretty serious!  Grandma gets around!  You can put her down for only $9.72. 

I Want It Shipped Quietly, Can You Do That?

Absolutely.  At we ship all of our drugs in plain brown envelopes filled with a harmless white powder, with no return address. 

Do We Test On Any Animals At All?

Other than electroshock, no.

Helping Your Community is a proud supporter of "Just Say No To Placebos" and "Hey You!  Kick Those Placebos!" -- in school programs to ensure your kids don't get hooked on drugs by using powerful electroshock therapy.  Ask about our "electroshock at home" kits.

Corporate Information: sprang erect from the fertile mind of Mr. Benjamin Bradford, an Information Systems specialist with over 22 years of experience in the IT field, and the same genius who created "" a helpful utility that has had tens of thousands of visitors.  The insanely famous Mr. Bradford is currently writing a hit movie, a musical comedy about bulemia with the thinnest of plots, appearing on television, and authoring his pictorial autobiography "Penguins Do It For Me -- Sexual Adventures In the Antarctic."   

To be informed monthly about new sites by him, send an email with the secret password "penguins" in the subject line to bigdavediode at the email service  The best postings of outrage on serious sites will be featured on the letters page. All medication names are tm by their respective manufacturers.  This site is a parody and no endorsement of these drugs should be implied.  

Animal Friendly 

Wood-Johnson believes that testing drugs such as Viagra on lab animals is cruel.  Wood-Johnson takes testing out of the lab, and uses statistically valid, non lab subjects. 

(Our pictures below illustrate successful test subjects, government privacy regulations require that we "anonymize" all medical test subjects.)

How do we test?  Although it may sound unusual to the non-scientist, we use transgenic animal testing -- we sprinkle our medications througout all 14 National Parks.  Testing on  wildlife makes sure that our veterinary viagra is safe for both you and your children.  


Above:  Happy bird!  Happy bird!  Wildlife testing in on parrots in Hawaii produced statistically valid test results as shown during the seeding of local avian food caches.   


Below:  Results of successful antarctic testing. 

Results may vary.


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