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Hot Fashion Dress Up Games

hot fashion dress up games
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Otaku Guy
Otaku Guy
Otakus aren't huge fashionistas they just like looking cool. What everyone thinks an otaku dresses like is clearly untrue. Otakus dress like some mall-core kid who just came out of Hot Topic. from the head where the backwards cap sits and either a ponytail or long dangly hair is, to the torso where anime is in the shirt and the necklace, to the wristbands which are random, to the belt buckle theme with gaming, to the tripp jeans themselves, to finally the light up shoes. That's your otaku fashion at a glance.
A Game of Chess
A Game of Chess
Be proud of this, soak up the moments of this youth... Play life as it is a game, it’s to be enjoyed not wasted by moments of sobering thoughts and periods of regret... Smile away these tears and treat this moment as it is your last... Those nights of no sleep, they were magical; we were dead tired but stayed up all night and made the best with what we were given... Let’s play this off like we were just kids having fun... Let’s play this as if it was just A Game of Chess...

hot fashion dress up games
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