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High Fashion Homes

high fashion homes
    high fashion
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Angela Atson • Hwy 371 Farmington
Angela Atson • Hwy 371 Farmington
Canon Xsi 18-55mm AB800 44" Octabank Left AB800 12"x56" Strip box to right. I went home over the weekend to the Four Corners. I wanted to do a High Fashion shoot so my best friend Angie modeled for me. We shot in Farmington on the mesa. I was glad that it was cloudy at sunset. I wanted to make the shoot more dramatic with the strobes firing off to add details to the clouds. Make up: Angela Atson Model: Angela Atson
High Fashion
High Fashion
My jeans got soaking wet today when i was coming home and so I only had this skirt spare, but it was cold, so i had to wear them with leg warmers. But Here you can see my huge kneew sticking through. Lovely

high fashion homes
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