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Can you remember a time when you enjoyed a magical travel experience full of adventure, excitement and romance? Could you describe that experience to a good friend with passion and clarity? If so, you might well have what it takes to become a successful travel writer.

Are you itching to break into the glamorous world of travel writing – to see your name in glossy print and receive regular invitations for fabulous VIP press trips that cost you only the taxi fare to the airport?

The travel writing lifestyle is truly wonderful and romantic, but the only trouble is getting in – getting your work, and in particular your first article, published. Have you, like most novices, suffered large numbers of rejections from editors who simply don’t seem interested in carrying your work? Or have you been turned down for places on exotic press trips, even though they fitted perfectly with your writing interests? Virtually all novice writers have to go through this early, often demoralising, phase in their development. I did too.

Now, for the savvy few, there is an alternative . . .

To help speed you through this learning phase of your travel writing career, we have produced two confidential blueprints to help you write and get treated like a top travel writer – first time and every time. These newly-issued blueprints reveal the industry secrets of top travel writers – built up over many years of experience and work in the field. You can now learn in days what it has taken other writers many years to learn - that's if they ever learn these secrets at all!

Travel writing isn’t rocket science but, like in every profession, there are certain principles and procedures you need to learn and practice. The fundamental principles and proven techniques that we will reveal to you in these blueprints will fast track your travel writing career through the novice phase into the idyllic realm of the experienced, published travel writer, where your world awaits your every dream . . .

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like as a Successful Travel Writer

Would you like to enjoy VIP treatment wherever you go . . . FREE travel and flight upgrades . . . FREE gourmet dining at Michelin-starred restaurants . . . FREE five star accommodation in the world’s most luxurious hotels . . . FREE entry into sports events and sold-out shows . . . celebrity welcomes at locations not open to the general public? Would you like to never have to travel as a tourist ever again? Who wouldn't?

The exciting news is that you don't need to be a film star or sports celebrity to command such treatment. These are just some of the unique privileges enjoyed by freelance travel writers in the ordinary course of their work.

Editors Are Clamouring for Your Travel Articles Right Now

Travel is a gigantic global business already worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year and still showing massive growth. This boom in world-wide travel, coupled with the explosion in use of the internet as an information source, has created a huge clamour for quality writing on travel destinations all over the world. Few publications can cover all the subjects they need to with their in-house staff alone. Editors need to look to freelance travel writers to help fill their pages each month with quality stories. Editors need your articles yesterday!

With this huge and growing demand for travel stories, there is no better time to start travel writing than right now.

Where Else Could You Get Paid To Live Like This?

In short, travel writing is a unique and enchanting opportunity to escape the drudgery of the nine to five rat race for good . . . to get paid for travelling the world . . . to live an idyllic lifestyle and enjoy the freedom most people can only dream about.

If you want to share the idyllic lifestyle and enjoy the privileges top travel writers enjoy . . . if you want to receive invitations to more free press trips than you could possibly have time to fit in . . . if you want to see your articles published on a regular basis . . . you need the information revealed in our travel writing blueprints. Don't forget, these blueprints aren't the theoretical creations of classroom tutors - they have been prepared by real-life, successful travel writers and reveal their experience of working in the profession over many years. The blueprints are designed to be as practical as possible, right down to setting out full example letters you can copy and use immediately to obtain free hosting and countless other benefits.

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The Best Kept Secrets in Travel

With this guide you'll discover secrets that the travel industry wants to keep hidden from you. You will learn how to book hotels and airfare at 50% or more off what the normal traveler pays. You will learn how to travel smart, avoid getting scammed, and what to do when things go wrong. The secrets in this guide will teach you, in simple terms, how to be a very savvy traveler.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • How to save hundreds, even thousands on international flights through consolidators
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  • What you should do before going abroad
  • The truth about debit cards and travel purchases
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  • The truth about airfare consolidators
  • How to rent lodging in foreign counties for only a few dollars a day
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  • How to beat the ticket change penalty
  • Traveling ultra cheap as an air courier agent
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  • Why travel agents can be your best friend
  • How to take advantage from airline pricing mistakes
  • How to get heavily discounted tickets and hotel rooms
  • Tips on tipping both at home and abroad
  • How to get a $40,000 per week timeshare in Cancun for next to nothing
  • What to do when you get bumped from a flight
  • Find out which seats are the best and how to get them
  • How to get bumped from a flight on purpose and reap the rewards (free flights)
  • Tips for business class and first class traveling
  • Learn which airports to avoid
  • What to do when your stuck in an airport overnight
  • How to save $$$ when parking at the airport
  • How to get luggage carts at the airport for free
  • Tips on rental car insurance and fueling options
  • How to save 50% or more on restaurants, shopping and more
  • What to do when your bags don't arrive with you
  • How to optimally pack your luggage
  • Tons of travel safety tips
  • Plus a whole lot more...

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There Is A Discount Cruise Waiting For You!

By: Dean Caporella

Be diligent in your approach to finding discount cruises. Get on mailing lists from agents, either travel or cruise lines. The information you receive will keep you up-to-date on the available of discounts and depending on availability, last minute deals are always the ones to be on the lookout for.

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Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Read news, views and reviews ondiscount cruisesand related cruise information