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School Equipment

These school packages are tailored for schools or summer camps. All the baskets are easy to set up and transport. The discs have been specifically choosen for introducing the sport sparing you the time of sifting through the hundreds of models available...many of which are for experienced players. We can also have your disc's custom stamped with your school logo upon request..
The basic set-up is all you need to get going. The Shark is a DX plastic mid-range do-it-all disc that performs well as a putter ( for putting inside 10 metres), a mid-range (for approaches with in 35 metres) and driver ( for driving 40 m.- 90m.)
  The Innova Traveller Target.
 The 16 lbs Traveller is the lightest weight target available
 3 targets offer a great way for a small class to practice the sport in a 1 hour time slot.
3 Discs
1 Putter
1 Mid-range
1 Driver


Recommended Discs:
Recommended Targets: