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Rates and policies

Golf de L'Estrie is Open every Day from 8 am until sundown, T-pads are Grass

  Green Fees:
$ 6.00 for the day
please call ahead as sometimes,
large groups book the course
 ahead of time.
$ 3.00 disc rental
3 discs and a bag and mini

credit card required,


Please enquire about group rates

schools, clubs and other groups.


Private lessons or group

tutoring available by contacting:


(819) 821 9363

Available on site:
Disc Rentals

Course Rules:
  • All water hazards are out of bounds. Absolutely no wading in the water hazards. The ponds are very deep. If your  not able to retrieve your disc with the provided pole on the shoreline within 3 minutes, just continue play from where your disc last was in bounds, on the line of play and up to a metre from the hazard. We will do our best to retrieve your disc at a later date and return it to you.
  • Make sure you mark all your discs with your name and contact number
  • All golf greens are out of bounds. Please tred carefully when retrieving your disc and mark your lye on the line of play  and up to a metre from where it was last inbounds.
  • If your group is slower than other groups, please stand aside and let the group behind you play through
  • lf you lost a disc during your round, you must rethrow from from your prvious lie. When your disc is found, we will contact you.
  • Always mark your score at the next  Tee and not at the basket, this will help keep the flow on the course.
Lost discs :
  • it will happen, one day you will loose a disc, maybe in the pond or you just left it behind. Unlike loosing a golf ball, loosing a favorite disc is hard to replace. That is why there is a lost disc policy at the course, to encourage everyone to take part and return found discs to their rightful owners. Here is how it works:
  • all players discs have to be identified by the players name and contact number. That way, when the disc becomes lost, we can contact you.
  • Anyone finding another players lost disc should bring the disc into the pro-shop. You will recieve $2 for the rescue. This fee is in place to encourage players to turn in lost discs. The staff will contact the owner and return the disc to the owner for $3.00.  Two dollars is to cover the $2 given to the finder, and $1 is kept as a handling fee. That $1 will be used eventually to upgrade Disc Golf equipment at the facility such as the T-pads.
  • Any disc not claimed within a 6 month period, once the player has been informed of the find, will be offered up for sale in the used disc bin. Once again, all monies generated from this resourse will be put to good use in the improvement of the disc golf course or tournaments.
  • Keeping a found disc is stealing and a player caught using a stolen disc will be asked to leave the facility