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AWR 132, Understanding and Preventing School Bombing Incidents (UPSBI)

Understanding and Preventing School Bombing Incidents (UPSBI) is a course of "New Mexico Tech" (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), Energetic Materials Research and Training Center (EMRTC).  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted EMRTC the concession to be the official provider of bomb awareness training.  EMRTC trains bomb awareness trainers to conduct its programs in the field.  It provides instructors with curriculum, instructional materials, and certificates for students. 

UPSBI is a free bomb awareness course.  It is an introductory course meant to increase awareness of bombing incidents, both pre- and post-blast.  A certificate is given to those who pass the quiz. 

This course is appropriate to general audiences of emergency responders.  Of higher priority to receive this training are school personnel (School Resource Officers, Administrators, Teachers).  People who work in other institutions who house vulnerable populations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, Red Cross shelters, and so on, are also of higher priority to receive this training.  

Instructional Goals

Cognitive Goal

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
Describe factors involved in school bomb threats
Identify critical response actions based on scenario types and factors associated with time, distance and shielding
Recognize the primary components of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
Identify critical components of a school bomb related response plan 

Affective Goal

This course is designed to instill in participants a respect for the destructive potential of energetic materials that may be used in school bombing incidents.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course includes:

State and local first responders, particularly school resource officers, and fire and law enforcement agencies that respond to bomb related incidences at schools.

School personnel involved in planning for or directing response to school bomb incidents.

Scope of Course

Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents (UPSBI) is an awareness level course for first responders and school officials.  This course provides information required for formulating safe and effective response plans for school bomb incidents and addresses a variety of pre-incident issues, including countermeasures and pre-attack indicators.

Certificate and Credit

A New Mexico Tech Certificate of Completion will be mailed to all participants who successfully complete the course requirements.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded for completion of the course will be listed on the certificate.

Course Structure

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: Understanding the Threat

Module 3: Responding to a Threat

Module 4: Recognizing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

Module 5: Developing Preventive Measures

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