I am El Houssaine Ichen but my friends just call me Houssaine. 

I’m 32 and live in Tounfite, centrally positioned in the beautiful Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

I speak fluent Tamazight (the Chleuh Berber language), Arabic, English, French and basic Dutch.

As the Disabled Tourist Guide, I offer assistance to all tourists, both disabled and able-bodied. 

My facebook page has over 2000 followers and I am fast building a community to help disabled tourists enjoy the parts of Morocco they would not normally be able to see.  With their help I hope that this site will soon be the very first to give full information on hotel and hostel access in Morocco for the disabled.

As an active member of the free Couchsurfing community I already welcome guests to Khenifra and Meknes, as well as hosting couchsurfers in my village in Tounfite and arranging tours for them all over Morocco if they want.

My mission is to develop and champion disabled-led tourism in Morocco.  

If you would like to explore the beauty of Morocco with me I would love to be your guide!

Please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities!