This website was created as a project for CI 5472: Teaching Media Literacy at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. It is intended as a jumping-off point, a resource for educators across a variety of interrelated topics, from disability studies to media studies to psychology, medicine, history, politics, etc.

The potential confluence of disability studies and media studies is all around us. Students can analyze and critique various media portrayals of people with disabilities; they can analyze and discuss issues of access to media (both as consumers and creators); they can analyze and discuss the role of media in public discourses about disability; and on and on.

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Go directly to the "Areas of Disability" section for lists and links of TV shows, movies, books, and articles related to disability, as well as some suggestions for class activities and assignments.

Many excellent resources already exist on the topic of disabilities and the media. Here are just a few:

Finally, this site is by no means exhaustive! If you have suggestions, corrections, additions, or opinions, please leave a comment using the form below.

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