Welcome to the website of the Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research (CCBMDR) in the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This website is designed to give you updated information on our activities and resources.

Our center started as a program at UIC in 1991. Over the years, we have had multiple projects and activities funded by multiple sources, both state and federal. Over the lifespan of the center, we have received over 10 million dollars to fund 34 projects. See the projects link to view all of our current and past projects.

Center Mission

Our mission is to generate state of the art research and interventions designed to promote empowerment of minority individuals with disabilities and capacity building among agencies delivering services to minority populations. We follow a participatory action research approach in cooperation with consumers, families, businesses, local state and federal agencies in the greater community in order to enhance the quality of life of individuals with disabilities. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative research approaches in order to inform stakeholders about policy recommendations benefiting individuals with disabilities.