Virtual Vigil

“Mourn for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.” – Mother Jones

When the vigil begins, I will embed both a google hangout viewer and a chatroom on this page. You can see some of the readings we'll be having at the link in the side bar, along with a list of names and the posters that would be printed out at an in person vigil. You can also find a link to the list of confirmed vigils so that you can look up the one closest to you. 

Disability Day of Mourning 2016 - Virtual Vigil.

Far too often, when a disabled person is murdered by a caregiver, journalists write as though it is the disabled victim who has perpetrated a crime simply by existing. In discussing the killing, people say that we should feel sorry for the murderer, because they had to live with a disabled relative. When a disabled person is murdered, many people act as though the murder victim’s life, not their death, was a tragedy.

This vigil is a part of a nationwide effort organized by Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, and the National Council on Independent Living to remember people with disabilities who have lost their lives at the hands of their family members or caregivers. On March 1, please join us to remember those we have lost, and remind the world that their lives had value.

This is a virtual vigil. We encourage you to prioritize attending a vigil in person, as it has a different sort of impact. You are free to join from there using a mobile device.  If for whatever reason your nearest vigil isn't an accessible option for you, you are the reason this virtual vigil exists. We recognize that people aren't always able to leave their house or to travel to events for a variety of reasons. These folks are no less a part of our communities, and deserve to be included in community events. 

Basic Technical Details

The chatroom will open at 3:00 pm EST, Tuesday, March 1 2015. The video broadcast will begin at 3 pm, barring technical difficulties. Both will run until 7 pm EST or until we are done.

If you would like to broadcast a part of your in person vigil, or would like to broadcast yourself reading something, please let me know at and I'll give you more information. Feel free to pre-record video and upload it to youtube for us to share, even if you will not be able to make the virtual vigil yourself.

The chat room is 
 kiwiirc, which is a way to use IRC channels. You should be able to access the channel #DDoM2016 from another IRC platform of your choice, including IRC apps developed for your smartphone if you have one. Please check ahead of time, though, as some IRC apps have a known issue with these channels. 

We are using google hangout to capture the video portion of this virtual vigil, and it is available as an app on many smart phones. It broadcasts live (with a few seconds delay) to Youtube, and is embedded here.

Hashtags for the event, as well as any in person vigils, are #disability and #DDoM2016. We encourage you to take pictures, videos, and other things from your vigil activities. We live in a fabulously interconnected world, and when we take advantage of that we give more opportunities for multiple levels of engagement.

Check out the facebook event page, where people are sharing art and writings for this day.


No slurs, hate speech, or vulgarity will be tolerated in chat. You have one warning, and then you will be banned. 

The vigil moderator will have the ability to shut your stream off immediately if you try to run inappropriate content in the live stream. We will not tolerate hate speech, nudity, or non-critical use of slurs and phrases associated with discrimination.

A bunch of candles lit in the twilight