The dirtiest lie of the Taekwondo match in the Asian Games 2010

Yang, Shu-chun, an excellent female Taekwondo Athlete. 
She has been one of the best s of 49-kg level in the world for several years. 
Yang was defamed to cheat in the match on 11/17. 
Free counters!

The truth is she didn't violate any rule and used the officially-certificated gear for the match.
Three videos which can show the entire process and the keys are available on Youtube. 
You can check them carefully if you like.
But you may want to read the pictures and captions below these 3 videos first

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Here are some snapshots captured from the video, which was recorded by a professional sport TV channel, to show the entire process.
These pictures will tell the correct, iron-like truth including how the ridiculous mistakes happened and how unreasonable the whole thing is!!

-----------------------------Here we go---------------------------------

0.(Before the match)

All gears and personel had been inspected by the referee and technicians. 

(the picture not shown because this is common sense)

1.(Before the match)

Both side were testing the electronic socks.

2.(Before the match)

Someone outside the field told the referee that Yang's electronic socks have problems.


(Before the match)

Yang went downstairs, left the field ,and  TOOK OFF 2 sensors from her socks.


(Before the match)

Yang's coach DROPPED OFF those 2 sensors.


(The match was being started by the referee)

This means EVERYTHING IS OK!  The match is under a appropriate and FAIR status.


(During the match)

Yang was leading the competitor 9 more points. The Vietnanese was ZERO point at that time.

6 of the 9 points were from twice head kicks which were judged by other 3 side-referees, NOT FROM the electronic gear hits.

Someone outside the field stopped the match and asked Yang to come over. 


(During the match)

Hong inspected yang's socks and DID NOT find anything he wants.


(During the match)

Hong asked the referee to take the 2 sensors NEAR Yang's coach.


(During the match)

The referee went to Yang's coach and asked him to pick up the sensors and hand in.


(During the match)

The referee gave the sensors obtained from Yang's coach to Hong.


(During the match)

Hong waved the sensors showing to someone.


(During the match)

Another one with gray suit came to check.


(During the match)

Hong and Zhao(man with gray suit) were talking and checking the 2 sensors.


a. Yang is the biggest obstacle of China's player for the gmae of 49-kg level

b. DO NOT forget the 2 sensors were from Yang's coach, NOT directly from the socks Yang' was wearing!!)


(During the match)

These people holding the 2 sensors went to a undertable meeting.

Few minutes after, Yang was disqualified by these people due to the 2 sensors that had never been used !?!?!?!?


(After the game)

Yang could not help crying for the unfair and unreasonable judgement. 

If you were Yang, would you accept the ridiculous judgement?  would you? would anyone?


When Yang's coach tried to understand the details, Hong shows this kind of attitude and face.

So ugly, so disgusting!


!!Latest picture as evidence!!!


The upper panel of the picture shows that sensors were on the heels while gears testing.

The lower panel of the picture shows that no sensor exists while fighting.

Yang DID NOT cheat at all !


Taiwanese are different from Chinese and Korean. 

We never ever cheat on any international game.

We don't need the gold prize, 


In order to show how well the Asian Games 2010 is working, 

China government  uses their medias to broadcast lies and defamation.

As you can see, IT IS NOT AT ALL. 

They don't even show any evidence, such as  videos or pictures, 

to prove what they said.

Lies and evilness have covered everything.

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