Pc Privacy Filter : Air Compressor Filter.

Pc Privacy Filter

pc privacy filter
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pc privacy filter - 3M Gold
3M Gold Privacy Filter-3M GPF19.0W Widescreen Monitor Privacy Screen (16:10)
3M Gold Privacy Filter-3M GPF19.0W Widescreen Monitor Privacy Screen (16:10)
GPF19.0W fits widescreen Monitors with a diagonally measured 18.95" viewable screen; actual filter dimensions are 10 1/16" high x 16 1/16" wide. This filter is designed for widescreen monitors with screens that appear more rectangular than square and have a 16:10 aspect ratio. 3M Gold Privacy Filters provide nearly twice the level of effective privacy protection and 14% higher clarity than standard black out privacy filters. User sees more clearly than ever while on-lookers see nothing but a vibrant golden screen.

86% (19)
My sister trying to get some privacy and isolation while she reads her book. Ironically the ferry passes by and makes her quiet spot look more like a zoo cage. lol. Lake Champlain, Vermont, USA.
Privacy settings allow users to control who sees their information and how much of it.

pc privacy filter
pc privacy filter
3M Privacy Filter - 3M PF27.0W Widescreen Monitor privacy screen
PF27.0W fits widescreen desktop LCD monitors with a diagonally measured 27.04" viewable screen; actual filter dimensions are 22.93" wide x 14.33" high. This filter is designed for widescreen desktop LCD monitors with screens that appear more rectangular than square and have a 16:10 aspect ratio. Desktop monitor privacy filters keep confidential and private information private. Utilizes 3M's microlouver privacy technology so only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen; passersby see only a dark screen. 3M's 27.0W Privacy Filter provides 1.5 times more effective privacy than competitive filters and offers more consistent quality and uniform appearance, thus reducing visual distractions.

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