I started working in advertising in 1994 at Hai Lights Media in Wiesbaden, Germany, an agency owned by my two cousins. 

This experience was supplemented by earning my M.A. degree in American Studies, Media Studies and Psychology at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Focus areas included branding, advertising psychology, and the effects of mass media. I attended seminars by German branding pioneer Dr. Axel Mattenklott and seminars on public opinion by Prof. Hans Mathias Kepplinger. 

Since 2006, I've been working with Munich-based advertising and communications agency Threeview. Threeview’s primary areas of activity include integrated branding and marketing, communication services, and interactive services.

I currently work on brand communications projects in the board sports business.

Corporate communications background:       
  • copywriting for print, web, interactive and outdoor media
  • journalistic writing for corporate publishing
  • creating usability/customer support materials
  • structuring/writing interactive product tours/e-learning modules
  • writing press releases and whitepapers
  • localization/cultural adaptation of brand materials