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General Information

PLYMOUTH NORTH HIGH SCHOOL                                                MR.DIRENZO


GENERAL INFORMATION                  2012-2013



This laboratory course is an introduction to chemistry and biology.  Classroom investigations will develop the students’ understanding of the basic concepts of scientific inquiry, chemistry and biology.  The course will provide the necessary foundation for the sequential courses in biology and chemistry.  Emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, problem solving and critical thinking.


§  Laboratory Safety            

§  Scientific Method

§  Properties of Matter

§  Heat & Heat Transfer

§  States of Matter

§  Atomic Structure

§  Periodicity

§  Chemical Bonding

§  Chemical Reactions

§  Chemistry of Life

§  Cell Biology

§  Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration





Students will be frequently assessed to determine their progress in this class. Main areas of evaluation include class work, homework, journal entries, labs, quizzes, and tests.  Your grade will be calculated using the point system.  Each assignment will be worth a given number of points.



Points System

Homework = 5 to 20 points

Class work = 5 to 20 points

Quizzes & Labs = 20 to 50 points

Tests = 50 to 150 points

Honors Blog = 5 points

Journal Entry = 2 points


Homework assignments are to be completed in full and on time.  If homework is not completed and turned in on time, a ZERO will be given for that assignment.  Assignments that are not turned in at the beginning of class are considered late. Assignments that are turned in any time during the day after the beginning of class are considered late and will receive a zero.  Homework must also be completed with consideration and effort put into your work in order to receive full credit.


Students who have an excused absence from class will be allowed to make-up the assignments.  Students will need to arrange a time, other than during class, to meet with me and discuss what was missed.  Make-up work must be completed as soon as possible – all work must be completed within ONE WEEK.  Any collected class work assignment must also be made up or you will receive a zero unless otherwise noted.  If you miss a quiz or test, see me to schedule a make-up appointment immediately upon your return. 

*It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed during their absence on the day of their return. The time to find out is NOT during class time.  Be prepared to arrive to school early or to stay after school upon your return.   


Students who need extra help are always welcome to stay after school on the days I am available.  I will inform students of which days I am available each week.  If I am unable to stay after school on a scheduled day, I will notify students in advance.



§  1.5" Three Ring Binder

§  Loose-leaf White Lined Paper

§  15 Section Dividers

§  Pens and/or Pencils

§  School Agenda


1.      Students are expected to arrive on time for class.
2.      Students are expected to have cell phones, iPods, and any other electronic device turned off prior to entering the classroom.

3.      Students are expected to be prepared for class by having all the required materials.

4.      Students are to be respectful to one another.

5.      Students are to be engaged and involved in classroom activities.

6.      Students are responsible for their conduct and obligations.

*Not following the expectations listed above and any additional rules put in place by your teachers may result in the student being asked to stay after school in order to remain current with his/her classmates.  Depending on the situation, additional school policies may be enforced.

Contact:  Please feel free to call Plymouth North High School at 508-830-4400 to leave a message for me or write me an email personally at ndirenzo@plymouth.k12.ma.us.

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