Welcome to Direct Reading & Writing

The objective of Direct Reading & Writing is simple: to strengthen your literacy skills so that you become a more proficient and fluent learner, not just at Mt. Ararat High School but also in life.  Throughout the year, you will participate in a variety of reading and writing tasks designed to strengthen your literacy skills.  Your individual literacy strengths and weaknesses will determine the direction of your program. 


20% Habits of Work  You can monitor your progress in work habits every two weeks based on the school-wide HoW Rubric.

45% Language Skills: Reading and Writing  Each quarter, you will work on language skills tasks to improve your literacy skills, which may include, but not be limited to activities in vocabulary, spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension skills, writing fluency, organization of writing, research skills, and editing. 

10% Language Skills: Speaking and Listening--Each quarter, you will work on speaking and listening skills such as active listening and oral expression.  

 25% Independent Reading  A very important part of the DRW program is your own independent reading practice. You will need to select a book that you are interested in reading which is at or close to your Independent Reading Level. Each week, you will be expected to read a minimum of 40 minutes per week on your own. You will keep a journal in which you record the dates and times you read, and a short reflection of each time you read. I will check journals each week. At the end of the month, you will discuss what you have read with the other students in your class. This discussion is also part of the Speaking and Listening component of the DRW program.  Just as with any other skill, growth in reading depends on the level of commitment and practice you are willing to invest. Choose something you're interested in! 
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