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I. Vietnam War Veteran Writers

The following list of resources is presented to highlight the immense body of literature created by Vietnam War veterans, and to trace the archival record of the literary response to the War. The list of names is not exhaustive, and is expected to grow over time. 

Literary Archives

  • Barry, Jan    Material relating to three anthologies edited by writer and activist Jan Barry: Winning hearts and minds : war poems by Vietnam Veterans (1972) / edited by Larry Rottmann, Jan Barry, and Basil T. Paquet; Demilitarized zones : veterans after Vietnam (1976) / edited by Jan Barry and W.D. Ehrhart; and Peace is our profession : poems and passages of war protest (1981) / edited by Jan Barry. Maintained in the Department of Special Collections, Connelly Library, La Salle University. [OCLC #318634661]  Browse works at La Salle.
  • Bunting, Josiah, III     Papers of Josiah Bunting, III, educator, author, and college president. Maintained by the Virginia Military Institute Archives. Author of the 1972 novel, The Lionheads.  [OCLC #32177769]
  • Butler, Robert Olen   Papers of fiction writer Robert Olen Butler maintained by the Florida State University Libraries. Butler is author of many significant works of fiction about the Vietnam War, including Alleys of Eden, Good Scent from a Strange Mountain, and On Distant Ground. [OCLC #659513622]  Browse works at La Salle. 
  • Ford, Daniel  Manuscript materials of novelist and historian Daniel Ford maintained in the Milne Special Collections, University of New Hampshire. [OCLC# 32335141] Browse works at La Salle
  • Karlin, Wayne  Papers of Wayne Karlin, author of seven novels and three works of creative non-fiction; American editor for the Voices of Vietnam series published by Curbstone Press, maintained in the Department of Special Collections, Connelly Library, La Salle University. Papers pending cataloging (August 2017). Browse works at La Salle. 
  • Kovic, Ron  Papers of Ron Kovic, author of Born on the Fourth of July; including manuscript writings and slides. Maintained by the Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University.  [OCLC #882932432]    Browse works at La Salle.
  • Marlantes, Karl  Papers of Karl Marlantes, author of the critically acclaimed Vietnam War novel, Matterhorn. Maintained by the Lewis & Clark College Special Collections and Archives.
  • Pratt, John Clark  Papers of John Clark Pratt, editor of numerous books and author of The Laotian fragments, maintained at the US Air Force Academy, McDermott Academic Library.  [OCLC #549504266]  Browse works at La Salle.     
  • Weigl, Bruce   A small collection of literary manuscripts and poems of poet and professor Bruce Weigl, maintained by the Penn State University Libraries, Special Collections.  [OCLC #34278969] Browse works at La Salle.

Browse Works by Other Vietnam War Writers 

Catalog records for literary archives of many notable veteran authors were not located in our search. There are many reasons why collections of this nature can be difficult to locate; they either are in a repository but not listed in an open bibliographic database, still in the author's possession, or simply not in existence. The following list includes those authors for whom we could not locate collections; below are links to bodies of work preserved at La Salle University in the Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War Collection. Directory links will be updated if more information about collections becomes available.