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II. Prominent Vietnam War Writers

This page includes links to the personal papers and manuscript writings of  prominent writers of the Vietnam War era. This list consists largely of writers with firsthand experience of the war in Vietnam, although other acclaimed writers and activists have been included. This list is not considered exhaustive, and is expected to grow over time. 

Manuscripts & Papers

  • Balaban, John  A small collection of correspondence and poems of award winning poet and translator John Balaban, maintained by the Penn State University Libraries, Special Collections. During the Vietnam War, Balaban was a conscientious objector serving with the International Volunteer Services in Vietnam. [OCLC # 79412629] Browse works at La Salle.
  • Berrigan, Daniel and Philip  Papers of Daniel Berrigan, Catholic priest, peace activist, poet; and his brother Philip, a former Catholic priest and activist, maintained by the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library. [OCLC #64068359] An additional collection of Daniel Berrigan’s correspondence and poems is housed in the Special Collections Department at University of Delaware Library. [OCLC #899243223] Browse works at La Salle.  
  • Chomsky, Noam  Papers of linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, maintained by the MIT Libraries, Institute Archives & Special Collections. Note that this archive (as of January 2015) is presently inaccessible. Browse works at La Salle.
  • Crumley, James Papers of novelist and screenwriter James Crumley, author of One Count to Cadence, maintained at the Albert B. Alkek Library, Texas State University. [OCLC# 48972321] Browse works at La Salle.
  • Eastlake, William  Papers of William Eastlake, correspondent in Vietnam for The Nation, author of several war novels including Castle Keep, The Bamboo Bed, and The Long Naked Descent into Boston. [OCLC #57363531] Browse works at La Salle.
  • Emerson, Gloria   Papers of Gloria Emerson, author and New York Times war correspondent in Vietnam, maintained by Radcliffe College, Harvard University, Schlesinger Library. [OCLC # 122583622] Another collection of material related to Emerson is maintained at the Boston University, Howard Gotlieb Research Center. Browse works at La Salle.
  • Ford, Daniel  Papers of Daniel Ford, author of Go Tell the Spartans, and Incident at Muc Wa, maintained by the Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library. [OCLC #32335141]Browse works at La Salle.
  • Gitlin, Todd   Papers of author and activist Todd Gitlin (and Nanci Hollander), maintained at the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library-Archives Division. [OCLC #145770954] Browse works at La Salle.
  • Moore, Robin Papers of WWII veteran and author Robin Moore, maintained at Brown University, John Hay Library, University Archives and Manuscripts. [OCLC #881285352] Browse works at La Salle.
  • Nichols, John Papers of author and activist John Treadwell Nichols, author of American Blood, maintained by the University of New Mexico, University Libraries, Center for Southwest Research. [OCLC # 632315588]  Browse works at La Salle.
  • Proffitt, Nicholas Manuscript materials of war correspondent and novelist Nicholas Proffitt maintained in the Department of Special Collections, Connelly Library, La Salle University. Browse works at La Salle.
  • Stone, Robert  Papers of award winning author and journalist Robert Stone maintained by the Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. [OCLC# 122570450] Browse works at La Salle.