The aim of this directory is to record the locations of archival and manuscript collections related to the experience of the Vietnam War. The primary focus is to create a guide to the papers and writings of American veterans whose views were shaped by their wartime experiences. In addition to the literary archives of novelists and poets, records of GI resistance groups and underground press publications are also listed. Additional lists include links to manuscript writings of other prominent writers of the era; chiefly writers with firsthand experience of the war in Vietnam, as well as other acclaimed writers and activists. The list of collections in the United States, more broadly, highlights the largest archival repositories of Vietnam War-related papers, and attempts to capture smaller collections at the state level.

This directory is presented as an unbiased research tool by the Department of Special Collections, Connelly Library, La Salle University. Please refer to the Research and Methodology page for more information about how this directory was created and to find out how to submit additional links.