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Completed Projects Details:

S. No Project Name  Funding Agency  Date of Completion Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)
1 Micro propagation of Tamarind and pomegranate and field evaluation of banana plants 
  State Government

1998 - 2001


Endowment- Micro propagation of tamarind and pomegranate and field evaluation of micro propagated banana plants  (PI)
  State Government

2000 - 2002


Micro propagation of Paulownia and cost effective tissue culture production technology for banana   
State Government
2002 - 2004


Development of transgenic banana with increased shelf life

2003 - 2005


Development of repeatable protocols for induced androgenesis to induce gametoclonal variations for combating high priority problems in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill).


2012 - 2016


Haploids Induction for Rapid Homozygosity to Accelerate Breeding Programs in Cocoa   Kraft foods / Mondelez International, U.K

2013 - 2018


Standardization of in vitro culture techniques through somatic embryogenesis for propagation of elite coconut cultivars   Coconut Development Board, Kochi

2014 - 2017