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Completed Projects Details:

 S. No Project Name  Funding Agency  Year of Completion Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)

Development of micronutrient rich maize cultivars meant for poultry feed through transgenic means – Phase I (as Co-PI)
   DBT -PSR & 
 New Delhi

 2006 - 2011

(For nine sub-projects in total)  

Engineering Brassinosteroid biosynthesis for erect leaves in rice (as PI) TNAU - ICAR
(50 crore)
2008 - 2011 8.63  

Optimization of Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation protocol for local elite cultivars of Jatropha curca (as Co-PI)

2008 - 2011


Rice Heparanase: cloning, characterization and overexpression for oxidative stress tolerance in rice (as PI)    

2008 - 2012


Engineering rice for enhanced resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases by silencing the negative regulators of defense (as PI)   DBT - RNAi, New Delhi

2012 - 2015


Molecular and functional characterization of Casparian strip membrane domain proteins (CASPs) in rice for salinity stress tolerance (as PI)   UGC - MRP,
Tamil Nadu

2014 - 2018