Dr. D. Sudhakar




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On-Going Projects Details:
 S. No Project Name  Funding Agency  Duration Budget
1 BPH and False smut resistant rice (PI)

2015 to 2019

28.85 lakhs  
2 Cloning nematicidal protein encoding cry genes from Indian isolates of Bt and expression in tomato (PI)
DBT, New Delhi 
 2015 - 2018

45.112 lakhs   
3 Programme support for Developing resilient rice through genomics (PI)
DBT, New Delhi 
 2016 - 2021

116.22 lakhs   
4 Genetic improvement of rice for yield, NUE, WUE, abiotic and biotic stress tolerance through RNA Guided Genome Editing (CRISPR/Cas9/Cpf1) (PI)
 2015 - 2018

70.89 lakhs   
5 Development of Fusarium resistant elite banana cultivars of NE India (Co-PI) DBT - NER  
 2018 - 2021

25.23 lakhs   
Completed Projects Details:

S. No Project Name  Funding Agency Duration Budget
1 Genetic Engineering of elite rice cultivars for resistance to major pest and diseases (PI)  Rockefeller Foundation
1999 - 2003

USD 51,000   

Development of Molecular Markers for insect and disease resistance and production of transgenics in rice Rockefeller Foundation (PI)   Rockefeller Foundation

2000 -  2005

USD 200,000    
 3 Development of molecular markers for leaffolder, brown plant hopper and yellow stem borer and pyramiding insect resistance genes in rice (PI)   
DBT, New Delhi
2002 - 2007

76.8 lakhs
4 Development of transgenic Bt eggplant resistant to Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee and field evaluation of IPM in vegetable crops (Co-PI)   USAID -IPM-CRSP
2003 - 2005

USD 45000   
5 Development of transgenic banana with  increased shelf life (Co-PI)
DBT, New Delhi

2004 - 2006

16.66 lakhs   
6 Development of rice lines capable of synthesizing pro-vitamin A in endosperm by genetic transformation (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2002 - 2007

43 lakhs   
7 Development of Indica rice lines capable of synthesizing Provitamin A in endosperm by marker assisted back-cross breeding (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2007 - 2012

43.698 lakhs   
8 Development of Adapted Germplasm for India with High Levels of pro-Vitamin Carotenoid  (PI)  IRRI, Philippines
01.01.2009 To 31.12.2009

33.876 lakhs   
9 Development of transgenic greenhouse facility at TNAU, Coimbatore (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2004 - 2007

41 lakhs   
10 Rice Biofortification with enhanced iron and zinc in high yielding non-basmati cultivars through marker assisted breeding and transgenic approach  phase 1 (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2005 - 2011

44.30 lakhs   
11 Rice Biofortification with enhanced iron and zinc in high yielding non-basmati cultivars through marker assisted breeding and transgenic approach – phase 2 (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2012 - 17

178.635 lakhs   
12 Programme support for Research and Development in Agricultural Biotechnology at TNAU – Development of micro-nutrient rich maize cultivars meant for poultry feed through transgenic means (PI) DBT, New Delhi
2006 - 2012

764 lakhs   

Novel approaches for production of hybrid seeds with characteristics of improved insect resistance and higher yield Phase I (Co-PI)

2008 - 2011

100.748 lakhs   

Development of lnsect Resistance Technology for Crop Plants through cry2Ai gene (Co-PI)

2014 - 2017

59.154 lakhs   

Genetic engineering of cotton for leaf curl virus disease resistance through RNAi technology (Co-PI)

2012 - 2014

20 lakhs   
16 Sustainable cocoa production in Tamil Nadu (Co-PI) Kraft Foods, UK 2013 - 2018 48.925 lakhs   

Genetic engineering of major crops for insect resistance (Co-PI)
JK Agri Genetics

2011 - 2014

10 lakhs   

Engineering rice for resistance to major lepidopteran pests using a novel synthetic cry2AX1 gene

2010 - 2014

31.432 lakhs   

Development of insect Resistance Technology for Crop Plants (Co-PI)
DBT, New Delhi

2014 - 2017

38.602 lakhs