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                                                                           List of articles in National Journals


On-Going Projects Details:
 S. No Project Name  Funding Agency  Date of Completion Budget
1 Enrichment of nutritional quality in maize through molecular breeding (PI)

2015 - 2020

88.69 lakhs   
Completed Projects Details:

S. No Project Name  Funding Agency  Date of Completion Budget
1 National Agricultural Development Project (NADP-RKVY)- Establishment of Centre of Innovation at AC &RI, Madurai (PI)

2015 - 18

605 lakhs   
 2 Strengthening of tissue culture unit at AC & RI, Madurai (Co-PI)   NHM 2015 - 16    20 Lakhs    
 3 Enrichment of nutritional quality in maize through molecular breeding (PI)   
DBT, New Delhi
2015 - 20

88.69 lakhs
4 Puccinia sequencing project and studying the fitness potential of wheat rust pathogen (PI)   DBT, New Delhi
2011 - 15

41.5 lakhs   
5 Marker assisted introgression of LysE gene for enhanced ProA in Maize (PI)
DBT, New Delhi

2011 - 14

27.20 lakhs   
6 Molecular tagging of downy mildew disease resistance in maize and introgression into elite inbred lines (PI)  DBT, New Delhi
2007 - 12

10.00 lakhs   

DBT - Programme support for Research and Development in Agricultural Biotechnology - Phase I        (Out of seven projects, PI in one sub project and Co - PI in two sub projects)   
DBT, New Delhi

 2006 - 11

861 lakhs (Total budget)    

DBT - Programme support for Research and Development in Agricultural Biotechnology – Phase II (Out of six projects, PI in one sub project and Co - PI in one sub project)  
DBT, New Delhi

2012 - 18

200 lakhs (Total budget)    
9 Development of rice varieties for submergence tolerance in rice project (Co - PI)  UGC
2010 - 12

10 lakhs   
10 Development of downy mildew resistance maize through marker assisted back cross breeding approach (Co - PI)

2011 - 13

11 lakhs   
11 Development of low phytate soybean ( Glycine max L.Merr) through induced mutagenesis (Co - PI)  BRNS
2011 - 14

18.82 lakhs   
12 Marker assisted introgression of LcyE gene for enhanced ProA in development of maize hybrid and evaluation of their seed quality characters (Co - PI)  DST - (WOS-A)
2011 - 14

15.48 Lakhs   

Identification of Beta carotene rich pearl millet (golden millet) lines to enhance the nutritional security (Co - PI)


10.00 lakhs   

Development of salinity stress resistance in rice varieties (Co - PI)
DBT, New Delhi


21.50 lakhs   

Isolation and validation of salt tolerant genes in Ragi       (Elusine cororacona L.) (Co - PI)
DBT, New Delhi


17.64 lakhs   

Development of Non-lodging Little millet (Panicum sumatrance) varieties with bold seeds and high yield through induced mutagenesis (Co - PI)


8.4 lakhs   

Genetic purity assessment of commercial seed lots of varieties and hybrids of rice and maize through identification of suitable SSR markers (Co - PI)


6.35 lakh   

Comparative mapping of different soybean mapping population using SSR markers and mapping major QTLs associated with yield (PI)


3.8 Lakhs