Directions to Casa Caribe Del Sol

Directions to Casa Caribe Del Sol.

Note #1: Google Navigation does not cover Puerto Rico.  If you have an smart phone (Android), you will not be able to get turn-by-turn GPS in Puerto Rico.  Google Maps does work, however.

Note #2: most signs are in Spanish.  North is norte, south is sur, east is este, and west is oeste.  Mileage on signs is in kilometers but your rental car is in statute miles.  These directions are in statute miles.

Note #3: these directions were created in February 2013.  It is possible that things will change in the future.

Note #4: many roads have two different designations (e.g. PR-26 / PR-3).  In addition, roads often simply change numbers without notice.

1.  Leave airport and take PR-26 / PR-3 West towards San Juan for approximately three miles.   Call Irene at 787 244 4619 at let her know that you are on the way.

2.  Exit on PR-22 / PR-2 South toward Ponce/Caugas and go approximately 1.5 miles.  You will pass through a tunnel.

3.  Exit onto PR-18 / PR-52 South.  Go a bit over 40 miles.  You will pass by the cities of Caguas and Cayey.  There are very few services on this road.  If you left the airport hungry or wanted to get some miles under your belt before stopping, there is a McDonalds in Caguas on Route 34 East / Avenida Degetau.

4.  Exit onto 53 East towards Guyama (Exit 60).  Note that this is a left lane exit.  Go approximately nine miles and pass through two toll booths to the end of the expressway (Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa).  You are now at Guayama (see map below).  Do NOT turn at the first sign for PR-3 at the beginning of Guayama.

5.  Continue straight through Guayama for 3.5 miles.  At this point the road is called PR-54.

6.  Turn right onto PR-3 after passing through Guayama (see map below) toward Arroyo/Muanabo. This is a pretty major intersection and you will have a dedicated lane that splits off and goes right just prior to the intersection.  Call Irene again after making this turn: 787 244 4619.

7. Continue on PR-3 for two miles.  At this point you will see a Burger King, KFC, Walgreen's, and a major grocery store.  This is the best place to get supplies.

8.  Continue on PR-3 for another 1.7 miles.  You will see a traffic light and a dedicated right turn ramp for PR-53.  Take this right turn ramp onto PR-53.  Do not be concerned that the sign says straight to Patillas and right to Maunabo.  You want to go right towards Maunabo at this intersection.

9.  Go 1.7 miles on PR-53.  You will travel over a long bridge and pass the Patillas Airport.  The road ends at PR-3; bear right onto PR-3 (see map below).

10.  Go 2.4 miles where you will see the sign for PR-758.  Continue straight.

11.  Go 2.6 miles where you will see the sign for PR-7758.  The house is directly across from PR-7758.  See picture below:

12.  This picture is looking at the house from 7758 and you can see the gated driveway in the center.  It is very narrow between the gates and the driveway has a very steep curb that you must go slow or you will scrape the bottom of your car.  My recommendation is to pull into 7758 and have your passenger get out and signal you when the road is clear to cross.  Then back across the road and into the driveway.

13.  Hop in the pool and begin enjoying the sun!