RMB Specialties Inc - Manufacturer's Rep for forgings;  ductile and gray iron castings, steel, stainless steel sand, investment castings, perforated metal fabrications and perforated metal and plastics. 
Visit this site: for detailed product information. Direct Concepts designed this site.
Marketing Alliance Corporation - Manufacturer's Rep for ductile and gray iron, sand, investment castings, fabrications and rapid prototypes. (Referred to other clients to Direct Concepts like Mardek Corporation and Synergy Metal Solutions)  This company has recently been sold. 

Mardek Corporation - An overseas broker for castings and fabrications.

Synergy Metal Solutions - Manufacturer's Rep for ductile and gray iron, stainless steel, bronze sand, investment, centrifugel castings; forgings, fabrications and machining. (Synergy referred The Rose Corporation to Direct Concepts)

The Rose Corporation - A metal fabricator, weldment manufacturer.  

Mark Metals - A metal distributor and sister company to The Rose Corporation in PA.

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