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Secretarial , Business Development Services
Offsite Administrative Consulting, Sales, Business Support and Simple Website Design
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Why Use A Virtual Assistant or Administrative Consultant?
By using an Administrative Consultant you save precious time and overhead costs.  Time Management plays a key role for successful businesses today!

We are recognized in the industry for our integrity, knowledge, insight and business expertise. We are a creative, on the edge company which offers sales experience, business consulting, administrative and other offsite services for your needs.
We have experience in the facilitation of customer satisfaction to achieve repetitive business for your company. In addition, you do not incur overhead costs to your business! 
Outsource your business needs today!
Our Administrative Consultant Experience
We have been providing Administrative Services to our clients for over 20 years. Our clients:  manufacturer's representatives, small and large businesses.
Direct Concepts looks for long term clients where we can provide administrative and support services. We are also looking for companies who need a simple website design.  
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