DipChief Variant Files

Last update: 12/23/2003
Added a guest map: Imperial II.

Welcome! This site contains all the variant files which I have made for DipChief. Diplomatic Chief of Staff, or DipChief for short, is a Diplomacy mapping program written by Gary Pennington. It is intended for use with PBEM Judge output files.Updates will be made periodically, with the addition of new variants and the correction of old files, if necessary. The zip files contain a .map and .bmp file, which should be unzipped to DipChief's /maps directory. All map files support the supply centre function.

The bitmaps can be previewed here in gif form. In all cases I have modified the maps provided by the variants' authors to some extent, for viewing purposes.

For more variant files, written by others, refer to the Diplomatic Pouch Map Software page (under DipChief). Rob Addison has some nice looking maps available at the Rob Addison's Diplomacy Maps page, and there is a nice Colonial map at The Old Moulmein Pagoda (site currently down).

I test my files rigorously, but once in a while I overlook something, or other problems crop up. Please email me if you encounter a problem with the map files, or find any discrepencies.

06/25/99 - Unit graphics - Some DipChief users may see units represented as graphics (cannons and cruisers, I believe). This was added in one of the last revisions of DipChief, replacing the square-for-army and square-with-triangle-for-fleet shapes. Unfortunately, the newer graphics never worked on my computer, so all the coordinates I type in are optimized for the square and square+triangle shapes (since this is the default display if the program detects a problem).

01/14/00 - RLE-compressed bitmaps - RLE-compressed bitmaps are about 7 times smaller than regular bitmaps, so they save a lot of hard drive space. So why haven't I used them until now? When I first tried them, they didn't work properly with DipChief on my computer. However, since then, I've changed my OS from Win95 to Win98 and used different graphics programs, among other things, and for some reason it works now. For those of you who can't get it to work, I'll still be posting the regular bitmaps along with the compressed versions. For all but the World2 map, the two different bitmaps look identical. For World2, which has a high colour resolution, the shading looks a little rougher after RLE-compression.

Update note - I haven't made any real updates in years, just fixing the occasional dead link. However, if there are any problems, feel free to email me.


    RLE file

  BMP file
  Gif Preview  
Standard   RLE File preview Neutral colour scheme.
Americas2   RLE File preview Updated 01/22/99.
Americas3   RLE File preview Updated 07/14/99; Sar-Hai adjacency incorrect.
Americas4   RLE File preview Added 01/12/2000
Arab1   RLE File preview Added 04/18/99
Bretwalda(2)   RLE File preview
Chaos   File preview Updated 4/10/99. Uses the standard.bmp RLE (from standard.zip).
Colonial   RLE File preview Neutral colour scheme.
Empire4   RLE File preview Updated 02/27/99 (Lakes Erie and Ontario were swapped).
Europe_1600_24   RLE File preview Updated 04/19/99; West Gothland coordinates were missing.
Heptarchy3   RLE File preview
Heptarchy4   RLE File preview
Hundred3   RLE File preview
Iberian1   RLE File preview Updated 06/12/99; error in map boundaries corrected.
Imperial II   RLE File preview Guest map by Tom. Added 12/23/03.
Middle_Ages2   RLE File preview
Milan   RLE File preview Updated 04/18/99; minor touch-up.
Modern   RLE File preview Updated 01/20/00; false BRN-Sib adjacency corrected.
Nessie1   RLE File preview Updated 03/23/99; supply centre bug fixed.
Panther1   RLE File preview Updated 04/18/99; minor touch-up.
Youngstown   RLE File preview Updated 04/28/01; added all correct Jordan coasts.

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