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Sinopse. Nota de imprensa

ISBN: 978-972-53-0490

Livro de Divulgação Científica

Horizontal Gene Transfer in Microorganisms book

ISBN: 978-1-908230-10-2

Book chapter: Dionisio et al 2012 "What mantains plasmids among bacteria?"

Francisco Dionisio

e-mail: (my last name)


Team Leader (Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at Lisbon University - Faculty of Sciences - Plant Biology Department)

We started this research group at the Faculty of Sciences - Lisbon University in 2007. We belong to the "Centro de Biologia Ambiental" and "Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência" (associated group). This group is doing research mostly in evolutionary ecology of microorganisms, with a focus on bacteria, viruses and plasmids. Our approach involves both laboratory work and theoretical research. We study bacterial genetics, cooperation, competition, spite, and sex among bacterial cells, and their impact on pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance. 

Good News:
  1. May 2015: A.Miranda, L.M. Carvalho & F.Dionisio published in PLoS One.
  2. Mar 2013: J. Gama, A. Reis, I. Domingues and others published in PLoS One.
  3. Feb 2012: João Gama published in PLoS Pathogens.
  4. Francisco Dionísio published his book "Uma Tampa para cada Tacho" about genetic conflicts (in portuguese!).
  5. Iolanda Domingues just got a 4-years PhD fellowship (FCT) to start 1/2012.
  6. Teresa Nogueira got renewal for another 3-years Post-Doc fellowship.
  7. July 2011 Rui Silva, Sílvia Mendonça (co-first authors) published in PLoS Genetics


Ana M. Reis

Assistant Professor (Professora Auxiliar) at Lisbon University - Faculty of Sciences - Plant Biology Department

  Teresa Nogueira

  Luís M. Carvalho 

António MirandaPh.D. Student

 M.Sc. Student
Pedro Escudeiro

M.Sc. Student

Tiago Baptista

M.Sc. Student 




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